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    I would also like to note that I did not read Swan's SU until after I posted this one, and I promptly lol'ed.

    Name: Rexa Viene

    Age: 18


    Appearance: His soft spoken personality clashes with his strong facial features, or at least causes him to be labeled as "the strong silent type". Rexa's jawline in particular is sharp and strong, and his cheekbones are high and prominent. His cheeks are kept clear of stubble, except for at the very end of the day when the hair begins to grow back. Steel grey eyes set beneath eyebrows of a reasonable thickness for a male often narrow just slightly when he thinks. The corners of his eyes wrinkle when he does this and in time it will give him crow's feet but for now he has the tanned, unblemished skin of youth.

    Like his birth mother, Rexa has straight blonde hair. It is fairly long, falling to his shoulders, so he has to tie it up when he is in the field. A few strands fall loose around his eyes, forming the slightest fringe. It is not long enough to bother him when he is at work so he does not mind. He wears dark jeans tucked into black boots high enough to protect his ankles and a black undershirt under various t-shirts and button downs. The belt his mothers gave him is always around his hips in waiting for the first Pokeballs it will hold, and after he leaves for Twinleaf he will not be found without his backpack, stocked with his encyclopedia, notebooks, and survival items.

    Personality: Rexa is an observant individual. He has learned to take in small details and work out reasons for things that don't seem to be of consequence. This skill is reserved mostly for nature and Pokemon. However, in a situation where he needs to be aware of people around him he does well enough. Although he was very social at a young age with time he grew away from that. He is now far more interested in someone's Pokemon than getting to know the person. Soft spoken, he does not talk much. He would rather be thinking and gathering information. Despite this he can handle social relations well enough, partially because of his days in Leaf Scouts. The focus there may have been mostly on nature but they were taught critical lessons about how to interact with people successfully. This is a skill he knows he will need if he wants to become a good Pokemon researcher. Most of his time would be spent in the field but much of it would be conveying his findings to other interested minds.

    As he was raised by two women he tends to be more emotional than most males his age. That is part of the reason he often opts to make friends with girls. He is not an open book by any means, but he is not afraid to communicate his sentiments if asked. At first meeting most pin him as shy for the fact that he does not seek social interaction. He does not consider himself shy; he simply does not care to socialize as much as others might.

    Rexa truly comes out of his shell when he battles. In the past he has only been able to use Pokemon that were not his own, but he adores the strategy of it. All the time he spent studying Pokemon helps his battling to a degree but it does not change the fact that he is a rookie with very little experience. Often when he battles someone he likes to stay in contact with them. At times it is because he enjoyed the interaction with them as a person. Other times it is because he was impressed by their Pokemon and he wants to keep track of their growth. He will even offer to pay for updates on the Pokemon's progress.

    History: Born in Eterna City, Rexa was raised by his parents in a modest home near the city limits. His upbringing could be considered idyllic, in that he had both parents and they took a healthy interest in his life that lead him to the right paths. However, instead of having a mother and a father like most children, he had a mom and mama. That raised many questions from the friends he made in his young life and at times their parents forcibly removed Rexa from contact with their child, not wanting to expose them to a family dynamic that they found unnatural and wrong. Even though Rexa faced both this trial and that of his fellows sometimes teasing him, he loved his mothers unconditionally and flourished socially. When he was eight he joined the Leaf Scouts. With this organization he was taught survivalist techniques and a healthy appreciation for nature was instilled in him. He quickly developed an interest in local Pokemon species. Armed with a notebook, sketchpad, and pencil bag he would sit outside for hours observing fauna without disturbing anything. By the time he reached the age of twelve he had several notebooks full of information. For a birthday present his mothers had these notebooks professionally typed and copied, the sketches he'd done added, and had all of this bound to be his encyclopedia. Through the years since then he's added pages with paperclips, tape and glue.

    He was introduced to the world of Pokemon battling directly at thirteen. Although the Leaf Scouts did not focus primarily on combative Pokemon training, there was a short section on battling. Rexa took to it quickly with his borrowed team, lent to him from the organization's private herd. As much as he begged and pleaded his mothers would not let him leave home until the age of eighteen, feeling that he was not yet mature enough to be on his own. They were in part correct. Despite the years of being a Leaf Scout he had plenty of physical and emotional growing up to do. He was intelligent, but inexperienced, and he had not yet come close to his final height. In the end Rexa would thank them for their concern as he realized after he hit his growth spurt just how small he had been, and how unprepared for the true wild.

    On his eighteenth birthday he was gifted with items that would encourage him to continue. An empty notebook, sketchpad, new pencils, a Pokeball belt, travel backpack, and survival items such as a canteen and flint were given to him along with praise for growing up so well and encouragement to continue. By this point in his life he knew that he wanted to be a Pokemon researcher, and perhaps even a Professor someday. When the date to accept his starter drew near he said his goodbyes, packed, and then traveled southwest to Twinleaf. Upon his arrival he rented a room at the Pokemon Center and impatiently waited for the day to come.

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