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    I will change Shiftry to Physical Attack, I tought that he is A special attack Pokemon, I putted Leech Seed on him because I remember that in the GBA games, Leech Seed was very useful.

    I will also change Arcanine's Flamthrower, and Dragonite's Flameblast, I want some heavy damage attack on Dragonite without downsides, the only reason I want fly on Dragonite, because Fly is the most usefull HM (alongside Surf) i'ts pain to play without FLY.

    BTW, why can't I quote?

    Edit : Im see that Wild Charge is not in HG/SS, After I will finish with Heart Gold I will buy the rest of the games (Black/Black 2/Platinum/Y) then I will change Thunder Fang to Wild Charge