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    Originally Posted by FalseKingAllant View Post
    I will change Shiftry to Physical Attack, I tought that he is A special attack Pokemon, I putted Leech Seed on him because I remember that in the GBA games, Leech Seed was very useful.

    I will also change Arcanine's Flamthrower, and Dragonite's Flameblast, I want some heavy damage attack on Dragonite without downsides, the only reason I want fly on Dragonite, because Fly is the most usefull HM (alongside Surf) i'ts pain to play without FLY.

    BTW, why can't I quote?
    Not sure why you can't quote...

    anyway, in case you missed them, i've edited a few bits of my post about Dragonite and Arcanine. As for Shiftry, he's actually good with Sp.A as well, it's just that his Att is a bit higher, and well, "every bit counts." Either way, he could turn out great thanks to his access on BOTH of the best offensive stat boosts.

    Originally Posted by Lari View Post
    One question: is your team for competitive battles like tournments or just ingame fun? It might change some opinions like Fly being too predictable, I think.
    Well, yeah, sorta, idk. XD I just don't like Fly being trolled by some pokemon with the move Protect or smth. Anyway, I wouldn't disagree that Fly is mostly useful in-game.
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