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    Shadow Claw (ghost type) beats Ghost and Psychic Types... BUT! Tyranitar is not a ghost type, so there's no STAB (same-type-attack bonus) into it

    Crunch (dark type), beats Ghost and Psychic types as well. However, unlike Shadow claw, Tyranitar gains STAB since Tyranitar is actually Dark type as well. So basically, shadow claw is useless due to Crunch.

    Anyway, Iron Head's not bad for Arcanine. Beats Ice and Rock. Later on, once you get Gen V, you may even switch it to Close Combat - a stronger attack that beats Ice, Rock, Normal, and Dark.

    Your Shiftry ain't lookin so bad.

    About Outrage... it's the most powerful physical Dragon attack. With a single Dragon Dance boost, you could potentially OHKO any pokemon that's not steel type :D
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