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    With Dragonite's stats, he could actually be either a Special type-sweeper, or Physical (and yes, in your current moveset's case, he's physical). But like Shiftry, his Attack is kinda higher (Actually, there's much more difference than shiftry's). That said, it makes Dragonite more Physically fit than Specially.

    The most important thing is to check a pokemon's stats. Using that as basis, you can decide whether Special attacks or Physical attacks would be better.

    Popular HM slaves are usually the first Normal types you encounter. Furret, Bibarel, Linoone. They can learn at least 3 HM moves. For waterfall, dive, and whirlpool... you have Poliwhirl, Seaking and Psyduck/Golduck.

    A random flying type for fly. (Sorry, doduo.. not you)
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