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    Fly (Dragonite) and Surf (Lapras) will be all the time, Surf is really good, I only checked now Surf's dmg, its 95 with 100 Acc, that's insane, and Fly is also pretty good 90 dmg with 95 ACC.

    Is Lapras more Special Attack? because I think that all of her moves are Special.

    and Im planning to use the Red Gyarados untill I will get Lapras, so what's the best moveset for him? and I will also use Feraligatr mid game (Starter) so I also need moveset for him,

    Probably for both it will be :


    Edit : Moveset for Feraligatr :

    Ice Punch
    Aqua Tail
    Swords Dance
    Shadow Claw

    is that good?

    need help with Gyarados...