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    Karly Rose
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    Plainly put, she's very, very angry and bitter. She enjoys picking fights and does not like to be messed with. Although she does have decent fighting skills despite being a Trainer, those skills are dulled by her uncontrollable temper. Getting on her bad side a is big mistake, because she doesn't let anyone who crosses her go unpunished. She hates being hit on, and tends to try and bring someone down to earth if she feels that they're too conceited.

    However, getting on her good side earns you a straightforward ticket to a peaceful version of herself. When she's nice, she's almost a saint. You can practically see the little halo above her head. People she likes get treated very well, and she's protective of those she holds close to her heart. She'll be attentive, a good listener, and can offer advice (be it good or unhelpful) when it's really needed the most. Of course, this good side is so rare that almost no one has seen it.

    Under normal circumstances, when she isn't flaming with rage, she's really just herself. She's likes to be fun and outgoing, and loves a good challenge. However, she tends to have a problem with admitting her mistakes, and often casts the blame on others when she messes up. She also beats up on people when they say something that doesn't make sense or isn't correct by her right, which makes her a rough person to travel with. She also doesn't like when people act incredibly smart unless she asks them to - since she was home-schooled for most of what should have been her high-school life, he knowledge of common things isn't incredibly large, and if someone talks about things she doesn't understand, she'll get mad at them and tell them to stop talking about it. But, if you become her friend, she'll be there to support you to the best of her ability if a tough situation arises. She grasps a good understanding of most people's feelings, and knows when she should stop pestering someone as well.


    Before she was forced to become a Trainer, she worked on her parent's Pokemon farm, mostly moving around heavy stuff, so she rarely interacted with the Pokemon themselves but became physically stronger than the average girl. Even when she did try to play with them, due to her aggressive nature, most Pokemon tended to avoid her. Without the proper ability to get Pokemon to listen to her, she would have a hard time becoming a Trainer, so she gave up that possibility.

    With that, she began to study a different form of training: hand-to-hand combat. Pursuing the path of strength was her ideal goal. Despite the lack of actual combatants in the region (after all, people prefer putting Pokemon in danger instead of themselves), she trained somewhat successfully and became adept at fighting. However, these newly-acquired abilities came with a hefty cost.

    Karly realized that no one could push her around now that she knew how to defend herself. She went from the pathetic, nerdy girl with glasses to the rough, tough tomboy who would pound anyone who defied her into the ground. With such a terrible attitude, Karly was forcibly removed from her school, requiring her Mother to become a home-school teacher.

    Now, a year later, on Karly's 16th birthday, her Mother's gift was something that no one expected - a ticket to the curb. Her Mother was so displeased with Karly's behavior that she made arrangements to have Karly go around the region with a Pokemon in order to redefine her attitude into something much more tolerable and controllable. Against her protests and ensuing rage, Karly had no choice but to heed her Mother's words and begin this new and impossible journey that was thrust upon her.

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