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    - Hi everyone! I'm going to get down to the point and not beat around the bush. None of you know me, but I have had this thread before and formed a team that I thought could create something special, but with the miscommunications and non- participation from other members, the hack quickly flopped or should I say never did get off the ground. I want to create something that could either be a two to three part series or something that's once in a lifetime hack. Either way I want it to be special, but I'm a novice in a lot of areas and can't do it alone, so that's why after playing a hack that was considerably dry, I decided to try and open this thread once again. So hopefully I can really get some serious hackers out there to help out.

    Current Project
    - Pokemon Crescent Moon (Fire Red Based)

    - There has always been a war between good and evil. Fighting against one another because of their different ideals and what they perceived to be right and wrong. Humans and Pokémon alike, also partake in this war, not only against each other, but within themselves. As the battle between these two forces continued on in what seemed to be a balance battle, an unforeseen act,shifted the tide of battle. A power hungry leader of an unknown organization posing as Pokémon Rangers have captured and gained control of a powerful Pokémon…Darkrai. Now with Darkrai in their possession, they have begun their search for other rare Pokémon, but not to capture them. They are retrieving their DNA. For reasons unknown to the world this organization is silently making their move towards their goal to obtain control of the world to either reshape it…or destroy it.

    The opposite of Darkrai, Cresselia is searching all over the world of Darkrai and put a stop to the world threat that has yet to come. But this organization is also after her. Making it hard for her to make it Darkrai and bring the balance of power back to where it should be. Now it is up to you to put a stop to this organization and saved the world. With the help of your friends and Cresselia and the rest of the legendary Pokémon. This world may still have a chance. Can you fight against the desire for power, or will your soul be corrupted by the darkness within yourself?

    - Character will talk
    - A new dark organization (No Not Team Rocket)
    - Dark Pokemon (Custom Basically)
    - 4th and 5th generation pokemon (Maybe, depends on the team)
    - That's all I got so far, but like I said I want this to be a team effort.

    - I only want SERIOUS applicants. I'm a rookie at this, but even a team of rookies can make something great.
    - Scripters
    - Title Screen editor
    - Spriters
    - Tile & mapping
    - I don't know every position, but please if your SERIOUS about making a hack then please apply, I need all the help I can get.

    - Name
    - Timezone (Where you live basically)
    - Skills (What area)
    - Hacks that you made (if any, if not that's ok)
    - Contact info

    That is all, please feel free to apply. Remember you have to be SERIOUS about this. I just want to make a hack that will be remembered and I'm sure other people do to, so again if you are SERIOUS about signing up then please apply. Then we will take things one step at a time when it comes to making this hack.

    Again I can not stress this enough. I Need a TEAM of people that are serious about creating a hack. No half-stepping. I would love for anyone who wants to be apart of this hack to join, but remember I will put my effort in on what I can do. I want the same for anybody who joins up.


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