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    Last I can recall, Othodox is currently at the level of "Son Tabiti Never Had." She wants to help us, but she cant kill the fire or the animal. However, she is the goddess of fire and, as she is not currently physically in this world, does not react to the control of the Narrator.

    As we've seen, the fire on the Typhlosion is intelligent, in that it spawned Vesta. So is it not possible that the simple animal was taken control by parasitic fire, causing it to burn everything? Vesta clearly liked to burn.

    What Im getting at is this: Tabiti isnt bound by the Narrator and the fire is controlling the Typhlosion. Tabiti is the goddess of fire. Plead to Tabiti to change the allegiance of the fire to its rightful Trainer.

    (DISLCAIMER: Everything I just said is based on ridiculous assumption. So any snarky comments from the author would be unappreciated .)