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    Introducing team Blue-eyes!
    The hack this team is going to work on is a cross between Yugioh and pokemon, though you don’t need in depth knowledge of either to help out. If you watched the Duelist Kingdom anime or read the manga, you know enough to help!
    (This is a Fire Red hack)
    Introduction to me:

    I started getting interested in rom-hacking when I played Shiny Gold version a few years ago. I made an account here and played around with advanced map, but never bothered to learn how to code, and thus I lost interest fairly quickly. I recently played Dark Rising and got more interested, and recruited a few friends to help me make a hack ourselves. Unfortunately, they both lost interest, but I didn’t. I realized I still had this old account and logged in to download all the tools needed. I’ve been learning the ins and outs of hacking for the last couple months, and decided I wanted to start making something myself.

    Why pokemon and Yugioh?

    These two games basically dominated my childhood, and a few years ago I started playing competitive pokemon, followed later by Yugioh. I can’t pinpoint when I exactly thought of making this cross, but the more I thought about it the more sense it made. There are evolutions of sort in Yugioh, especially in individual archtypes. For example, Red-eyes black chick evolves into Red-eyes evolves into Red-eyes darkness dragon. There is an amazing plot to the original anime/manga, each monster has a type, and Joey actually looks somewhat like Gary (alright, that’s a stretch). Furthermore, the protagonist goes around and battles everyone he sees, and never loses due to some insane belief in his friends. Because of this, I decided that it would be a good idea to start making this game, just to test what I’ve learned.

    I’ve been working on the game for over a month now, on and off. It’s currently my summer break, and I’m going to college in just over a month. I think that the potential for this work is great but I know I can’t finish it alone. I’ve learned a lot about scripting and mapping, but by no means am I an expert at either. Furthermore, I have little to no skills at any other technical aspect of hacking. There are several parts to making a game, and we need people working on all of them to make this work. The general categories are mapping, scripting, and spriting, although I don’t think any person needs to be pigeonholed into one category. This has to be a team effort.
    The story is fairly well known, and although slight modifications will be necessary, the main plot will follow the Duelist Kingdom arc of the Yugioh manga and anime. That means you start out by saving your grandpa from Kaiba, you beat the bad guys, and finally duel Pegasus in a final battle. There are no badges, you gain star chips instead. You need 10 starchips to get into the final tournament. Of course, there are only 8 badges, but you start out with a single chip at the start of the tournament and you beat Weevil, Rex, Bonz, Mako, the Paradox Brothers, etc to get more chips. The last starchip won’t have a badge represent it, but you’ll still need to get it before entering the castle.
    Mapping will be somewhat more interesting than in a normal hack. This is because there will be no cities. There is a port, where you enter Duelist Kingdom, and there are shops and houses there. There are also rest-stops every once in a while, but no Pokemon Centers: you have to heal between routes in those buildings you have to go through to get to Saffron in the actual games. The mapping challenge will be to create a large island without cities, but with several different terrains.
    The biggest challenge will be spriting. This is because Yugi doesn’t use a Pikachu. In this game, all 150 Pokemon will be converted into Duel Monsters, starting with their sprites and extending to their base stats and move sets. The good thing is that these won’t have to be drawn off the top of one’s head: There is card artwork and anime/manga art to base it off of. The backs of monsters and their in party sprites might be tougher to make, however. While this will be the toughest part of the game, it will make this hack AWESOME! I already have a list or around 170 cards which have logical evolutions and are needed for type balance (which is skewed towards dragons). I also have a team list for most major duelists.

    Now, of course, I hope there are people interested in helping me out. I wouldn’t ask people to prove their worth to me without me proving myself to be decent at hacking games in general. As such, my progress in the hack has been attached at the bottom of this post. Feel free to play through and give us insight, even if you don’t want a role in the team. I’ve completed up to your battle with Weevil on Duelist Kingdom Island. The spriting hasn’t been done yet, so when a Charmeleon pops up on your screen it’s supposed to be a Blue-Eyes white dragon, and Slowpoke is the head of Exodia. (Again, this is a hack of Fire Red).

    If you’ve played through the hack (or not), decided I’m not a total scrub, and want to help out with the team, please fill out this application and post here:

    Position on Team (what can you do to help this hack?):

    Proof of previous work:
    Past Experience (not a requirement, but it’s helpful):
    Primary Contact (We as a team will need to be in contact together, so you will probably need to make a Skype account):

    Team members:

    Coolking49 (founder, mapper, scripter)
    Ziposaki (Spriter)
    TheDeadDude (spriter)

    Thanks, and I hope you will enjoy playing/working on the game!
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