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That's weird! What place in the city did he finally challenge you at?

Anyway, Episode 9, for those of you who haven't seen yet, is out! First post should be updated c:

Here's the blurb from my site btw


A few notes about this. This is a much shorter episode than others- kind of like episode 5 was. Very story-based, no new huge areas to explore, not a lot of sidequests. However, there was a system update, and some other things have been added, so think of it just as the next story chapter + some polishing. I'll post the notable changes taken from the Readme below.

Another thing of note, however, is that I've pulled the Animated Sprites. They caused a lot of problems for a lot of people and lagged a lot of others and as cool as they were it quickly became not-worth. Plus when 6th gen rolls around they probably would've gotten cut anyway. Those of us with better computers might miss it, but a lot of people were struggling because of those.
a clever person might find that the files for download haven't actually been removed; only the link has. but the clever person would do that at his or her own risk.

Also of note: Before I start work on episode 10, I'm going to kind of do a restructure of a lot of things and re-release 9. The purpose of this would be to really try and cull a lot of the lag that occurs around Spinel and the City. However I've been reluctant to do this before because of how unstable this process is. It'll require a lot more testing than an ordinary release. So look out for release 9.5.

Download link is below, notable changes in the spoiler. Knock yourselves out, everyone!


* The city music is currently in the process of being re-done (3/8)...
* A new item has been added: The Common Candy will decrease your Pokemon's level by 1.
* A candy shop has been added to Obsidia' Main street.
* Partnered Fern will now no longer use Water Sport and is more likely to use Mega Drain
* The Strawberry Ice Cream no longer crashes. Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry Ice Creams can now be used.
* Florinia, Aya, and Serra have all been tweaked to be slightly weaker. Kiki and Cal have been made slightly stronger.
* Big Root is now fixed
* Trainer AI has been somewhat adjusted.
* Many new animations exist
* Many move effects have been fixed
Worry Seed Simple Beam Heart Swap Work Up
Transform Thunder Wave Twister Chatter
Psycho Shift Heal Bell Aromatherapy Conversion
Conversion2 Metal Burst Psywave Rage
Stored Power Mud Sport Water Sport Present
Lock-on Mind Reader Foresight Odor Sleuth
Miracle Eye Mirror Move Sleep Talk Imprison
Heal Block Encore Beat Up Whirlwind
Fissure Shadow Force Outrage Recover
Roost Wish Absorb Heal Pulse
Memento False Swipe U-Turn Volt Switch
Thunder Blizzard Hurricane Brick Break
Stealth Rock Payday Substitute Helping Hand
Rapid Spin Focus Punch Follow Me Rage Powder
Destiny Bond Grudge Accupressure Metronome
Perish Song
Recoil moves
Moves altering 2 or more stats
Moves with variable power
Multi-hit moves

* Some Abilities have been fixed

Big Pecks Dry Skin Anticipation Magic Guard
Forewarn Frisk Anger Point Storm Drain
Lightningrod Volt Absorb Water Absorb Justified
Rattled Gluttony Hustle

* Moves which damage more than 1 Pokémon now do 25% less damage to each of them rather than 50%, as in the main series.
* The Line 512 error in Pyrous Mountain /should/ be fixed.
* Custom items currently do not have custom item graphics
* The Teddiursa Event now works properly
* Stormy weather is now brighter
* A visual effect now exists for windy days
* Escape Ropes and Dig should be not-useless now.
* Glowing Stones will now produce shards much more frequently
* A gym has been added to the Coral Ward
* Street Signs now exist
* Pidove now properly evolves into Staraptor.
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