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Name: Ariadne Davis

Age: 17

Gender: female


Personality: Most people upon seeing Ariadne would describe her just on her looks as vain, uptight, and petty. Those words couldn't be farther from the truth. While Ariadne does care for her appearance it's not because she is vain it is because she care deeply about cleanliness. This is due to her severed Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Things for her always have to be done in even numbers. Opening a door twice before going through it, washing her hands twice, even listening to music at a volume with an even number. She also can't stand it if things are out of place.

Towards others Ariadne is very kind and caring if she likes you. If she sees someone as a friend she'll be happy and bubbly when interacting with them. Concerned over things they do and encouraging as well. If your someone she likes Ariadne will be all for encouraging you to follow your dreams. If for some reason Ariadne doesn't like you she acts indifferent. Not as happy and bubbly as with those she considers friends but not mean either. She will be polite but not overly friendly.

History: Ariadne was born and raised in Floaroma Town in Sinnoh. She spent her childhood playing in the Floaroma Meadow with her younger sister Beth. Her father Hank traveled every day to Oreburgh City to work in the Oreburgh City Mine. Most days taking her older brother David with him. Her mother Anne worked in Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop trading Pokemon contest accessories in exchange for berries. Ariadne's job was to watch over the kids in town until she reached the age of 12. It was after she turned 12 that the job of watching the other children went to Beth who was now 10 years old, and Ariadne went to help her mother in the Flower Shop.

Working with her mother she met countless trainers who stopped by for flowers, berries, and to trade for Pokemon accessories. It was this that captivated Ariadne, speaking to one of the passing trainers who reveled she was a Pokemon Coordinator Ariadne thought that was the coolest thing and knew that was what she wanted to do. Over the next five years Ariadne learned everything she could about Pokemon Contests, and Pokemon Coordinators. Whenever a contest was shown on tv she'd be watching it. Ariadne made it her dream to become a Pokemon Coordinator. Reaching top coordinator was optional for her, she didn't care about that at all. Finally when she reached 17 her mother and father told her she could go follow her dreams and had David who was now 19 escort her to Twinleaf Town to meet Professor Fir.

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