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    the gates are closed

    Cynthia closed her eyes as she tried to feel the subtle blow of breeze across her face. Leaving her post as a Champion was certainly one of the hardest decisions she had to make in her whole career as a trainer, but it was a necessity. In order to further her knowledge, the confines of an establishment as big as the League must not hinder her. She cut off all her ties with the Pokemon League, relinquished her identity as the Champion to a less powerful, but the most worthy, trainer and immediately fled to her hometown in Celestic Town. The elders of the town, not a care given to the politics of the training world, welcomed her back with open arms. And now.

    Her childhood in the town awakened her interest for the mythology of the region. Celestic Town could be considered as the only town in Sinnoh that remains trapped in the past. Along with the town, memories and lores were also trapped inside it, unable to keep up with the speed technology is running. And now.

    She started at the beginning again. It has been a long time since she meditated with the duties and responsibilities of being the champion always on her shoulders. Now was just the perfect time to restart. She breath in deeply, taking in the scent of nature, hearing the sounds of the mountains. She sat atop a hill overlooking the town. It has a nice view to it and, unlike the other hills in the area, it is not plagued by the constant fog. To her right, the west, Mt. Coronet stood in all its majesty, its wilderness exposed to nature itself, totally unlike the southern part of the mountain where tunnels were drilled inside it. For transportation they said.

    Another breath. Soon enough, Cynthia's mind was clear of everything. No championship, no Mt. Coronet, no fog. Just nothing. She stood up and took in another breath. Then another. Then she screamed, letting everything go.

    "Everybody's style is different but yours. It's interesting," her grandmother, who was standing beside her all the time, smiled. Cynthia smiled back and said.

    "I learned from the best. Let's start."


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