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    [sigh I deleted my silly old post, I have a REAL request]

    Apologies in advance if this is unclear. This is an idea for a sprite comic that I might-possible-by a slim chance-maybe doing. I already have the female protagonist, I just need the male. If you haven't caught on, they're Pokemon Trainers. And I need a Trainer Sprite for him. Unfortunately I do not have any reference pictures of him.

    -He has a "normal" build
    -He has short, somewhat-shaggy dark brown hair
    -He wears a black unzipped hoodie and a dark grey-green shirt.
    - He wears black jeans
    - He has white sneakers
    - He is kind of a laid-back, "idgaf" kind of guy. He's pose should show that (Arms crossed? Slouching? Maybe even just an idle pose? IDK)

    Sorry if this is not enough/too much detail. I'm a bit rusty when it comes to pixel art, and I don't have experience in spriting humans. If somebody could do D/P/Pt style Overworlds as well, that would be great! I may have to tweak the sprite a bit if someone fulfills my request (minor things, change in colour, etc) So I hope whoever does this is fine with that! I'll think of more details or clear up any confusion if anybody just asks!

    EDIT: I've decided to abandon the idea for the comic, so I no longer need this request fulfilled. Thanks anyway!

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