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    Age: 20
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    Nature: Serious
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    Nickname: Hollister
    What I can do: Basic mapping, very basic scripting, inserting, stat editing (base stats, egg steps to hatching, etc.), and move editing.
    Position applying For: Inserter
    Proof of Work(If any): Sent pictures via PM.
    Time Zone: Mountain Daylight Time (UTC: -7:00; Mountainous United States)
    Contact Info: Email: [email protected], Facebook: Hollis Pierman, Twitter: sonicfan7895
    Extra info: I had done some inserting of Zoroark, Galvantula, Lucario, Luxray and Chandelure on a previous FireRed ROM, but I effed up the ROM (with a patch (which I didn't know which game it was for... XD)), and so I want to show what my inserting skills can do for this team! Besides, infinity's a cool way to go! Sometime this week(end), I shall send you a PM showing a couple of images of hacked Pokemon. However, as I can hack in normal colored Pokemon, I cannot insert Shiny Pokemon (for some reason... I'll send you a picture via PM why).