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Originally Posted by ivlegitvi View Post
Pokemon: chikorita
Shiny: yes
Nature: any
Ability: Any
Egg moves: don't mind
Iv:sorta new to this whole thing but good ones if possible
Is this free? And how do you get them so quick
I RNG my bred pokemon, which is a way of utilizing the games pseudo random number generator to produce a desired outcome with your pokemon. IE. Shininess, Nature, Ability and IVs. I get them quickly because I'm just that good! : ) J/K... I have actually been pretty busy w/ work lately... but I will still try to accommodate your request in a timely manner.

The nature/ability and IV's are most viable in battle. If you're thinking about playing with this particular pokemon competitively, I would suggest you check out ... this is the suggested build for meganium on Smogon. They have a lot of standard build recommendations for pretty much every pokemon out there.

Take a look, and let me know if it helps give you any ideas of how you'd like to utilize him! : )
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