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    Originally Posted by M-ourad View Post
    I am gonnaaa be mad if u dont put the link sooon Arrrrrrrrghhhhhh!
    The link for checkpoint 1.2? Checkpoints are for beta testers, anybody can become one if they like. Checkpoint 1.2 is actually going to be a really polished checkpoint 1, since one of my beta testers Flamebot found most of the bugs for me. But it doesn't hurt if you try it out yourself!

    Originally Posted by BIGJRA View Post
    What do you do in the Silversky Forest? The Gym Leader is gone, I have cut, a Sapphire, and read the messages in the city on the trees and the "The path has been shifted..." thing. I just dont know. thanx.
    There is a night time event that occurs in Silversky Town that will lead into the forest.

    Originally Posted by Flamebot View Post
    Will you be adding Megas?
    I strongly dislike the idea of "Megas." I'm not liking the direction Game Freak went with Pokemon in general for generation 6. It just feels really really weird. But after watching the trailer for Megas, my opinion have changed. They actually seem pretty cool! I just don't like the name they gave it. "Megas," sound vague and lame. They could have given it a more epic name. But they won't be in this game.
    Well, I am going to release checkpoint 1.2 really soon. Thanks to Flamebot, one of my beta testers for helping me knock out some of those bugs. I now have four beta testers! I appreciate the help guys!

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