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Originally Posted by ebilly99 View Post
I beta tested this, (i know i am not a team member but whatever) and I got to say you need a area between the hometown and the boat. I got wiped on the boat, Why not put the school down there, have Yugi/ash fight his classmates as he heads to the boat. This would help the grinding. Also cut does not work (unless it is intentional as you are no further than that area) Just a heads up.
Well, the point of leaving the ips patch out here was to allow anyone to play through and give advice, so thanks!
Right now, I'm trying to figure out why in the world cut doesn't work, since you do get the badge after beating Weevil (its on your trainer card). I've yet to fix it, though I have a feeling changing Weevil's trainer ID to Brock will do the trick.
As for the boat, I think the problem is that you can't predict the path of a person playing through it, so there's no way to guarantee they go up or down first. I want there to be a decent level up curve, but I also want all the trainers to be approximately the same level. I think I'll take your advice and force you to battle someone before you get on the boat, and then have them recommend you catch another pokemon and stock up on items.
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