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Pokémon Johto Project
Created with Pokémon Essentials


Before you read futher, there is a blog completely dedicated to Pokémon Johto. It is referenced in the Media Spoiler as well a my Signature. Or you can visit here:
Welcome to Pokémon Johto! This is a recreation of the Gold, Silver and Crystal games with FR/LG graphics. It is not only a recreation, but with a bunch of new features. The basic plot is the same, meaning the trainers have the same Pokémon, the landscape and towns/cities follow the original layout (mostly), and many other reasons.

It's difficult to explain all of the features. Some of them include:
  • Original 251 Pokémon are available
  • Over 650 Items
  • 6 Mini-Games
  • In-Game Hidden Secrets
  • Old School Secret Town
  • Mystery Gift
  • A Feature to receive unique Prizes if you won any online Challenges
  • *Next Beta Release will have a Global Trade Center
These are just a few! You'll have to download the BetaDemo to see them all!


All rights pertaining to Pokémon belong to:
  • Nintendo
  • GameFreak

Special Thanks:
  • Enterbrain
  • Maruno
  • Poccil
  • Flameguru
  • MiDas Mike/Emilt Konichi
  • AvatarMonkeyKirby
  • Unknown
  • Wachunga
  • KitsuneKouta
  • xLeD
  • Harshboy
  • FL
  • Soundspawn
  • Popper
  • Evil Arms
  • Carmaniac

Alpha Testers:
  • SuzQ
  • YooYoo
  • CircleKguy
  • J

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