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    Will u follow the lore of the anime like crystal onix, or real problems like people trying to scam you with magic karp and feebas or pickpocket you or different environments where poke centers and poke marts are cabins with snow around them and fire places something to make you a little more cautious while you try to get to the elite four and for crystal onix can you try to make crystal or diamond type that's weak to fire,sound and ice also it said in some pokedex entries as onix age they become as hard as diamond but they look a very dark shiny black so maybe on of the elite for who is rock type can be an old man with a onix that he had since he was a baby also I have a question will you make it so that once you choose your starter your rival sees you but than forgets who you choose so he chooses the pokemon that you are strong against just because even though its not broke why not change it up?