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    The Pokemon League in HeartGold and SoulSilver is a hotspot for getting your team to level 100. A quick and easy training technique can get your level 60 pokemon up by at least five levels in exactly half an hour.

    • Mewtwo lv.100 - Aura Sphere, Blizzard, Thunderbolt, Psychic
    • Any Pokemon that knows Dark Pulse; also at least lv.90
    • The Pokemon that you want to train; holding an Exp. Share

    Elite Four Will:
    Bronzong - Dark Pulse
    Gardevoir - Dark Pulse
    Jynx - Dark Pulse
    Grumpig - Dark Pulse
    Slowbro - Dark Pulse
    Xatu - Thunderbolt

    Elite Four Koga:
    Skunktank - Aura Sphere
    Venemoth - Thunderbolt
    Toxicroak - Psychic
    Crobat - Thunderbolt
    Swalot - Psychic
    Muk - Psychic

    Elite Four Bruno:
    Hitmontop - Psychic
    Hitmonchan - Psychic
    Hitmonlee - Psychic
    Hariyama - Psychic
    Machamp - Psychic
    Lucario - Psychic

    Elite Four Karen:
    Weavile - Aura Sphere
    Spirtomb - Dark Pulse
    Absol - Aura Sphere
    Umbreon - Aura Sphere
    Honchkrow - Aura Sphere
    Houndoom - Aura SPhere

    Champion Lance:
    Salamence - Thunderbolt
    Garchomp - Blizzard
    Charizard - Thunderbolt
    Dragonite - Thunderbolt/Blizzard
    Gyrados - Thunderbolt
    Altaria - Thunderbolt/Blizzard

    In order to apply this method to my SoulSilver, I used my Mewtwo lv.100 with the specified moveset, and my Darkrai lv.100 with Dark Pulse. The Pokemon holding the Exp. Share was a Charizard lv.62, but after going through the League twice in one hour using this technique, it became lv.71.
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