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    The Grasslands is a bustling green canvas of enemies and discovery, and is the place where you'll begin your adventure for your garbage can! Before you begin your trek throughout this vibrant land, you should take notice of the creepy black ghosts that float around everywhere. These are actually travelling "packs" of enemies. Running into one will cast you into a single stage with a few enemies to defeat. These enemies can drop items when beaten, and if you defeat all of them, you can get a sweet power-up or item from a treasure chest that appears on your starting point, like the Stars of Frozen Rain that I got below. These ghosts will appear in every section of the game, so if you're having trouble avoiding them, try to pick up some items that can let you outrun or hide from them.

    Now that we're in the Grasslands, we've got a few missions to do before we can move on to the Candy Kingdom. Although previously unstated in the game, the main priority right now is to find Finn's sword, Scarlet. She's in a glaringly obvious location, but access to her is cut off right now until we finish the jobs we have to do.

    The first step is to go to the Housies Village, which is a direct left from the bottom of the hill that the Tree House is on. Here, we'll receive requests from the villagers for certain things. The main four people you want to talk to are:
    • Mail Housie
    • Girl Housie with the Dog Housie
    • Jail Housie
    • Princess Bubblegum

    As you talk to each of these people, you'll learn of their requests. Mail Housie tells you that a person named Donny stole his mail parcel, and that he can't deliver the mail without it. Girl Housie with the Dog Housie tells you that a suspicious blue guy patted her dog and gave him fleas. Jail Housie tells you that if you find any evidence of bad guys to bring it to him. Princess Bubblegum will tell you that she's in the village doing some cartography; if you find a cart, bring it to her and she'll install it for you.

    Before you leave, stop back at the Well Housie for a radical treat. He'll tell you really lame story that Finn and Jake will sleep through; but at the end, he mentions something about dropping down inside of him to find treasure. In order to do so, stand on top of the well and hold the down button. If you do this, you should find a Crystal Eye awaiting you; this item grants you temporary invincibility whenever you use it! Save this for a time when you really need it, because there are very few of them in the game.

    Now, on to the requests! The easiest and quickest one to do right now is to find a Cartridge for Princess Bubblegum to install. Head north up the hill and take a left until you come across a single bush. When you enter, you should notice a treasure chest sitting in the center of the stage. Open it up and you'll obtain the BMO Map Cartridge! Princess Bubblegum can install this into BMO to activate the map screen. There's nothing left to do on this stage, so leave and head back to the Village.

    Once back in the village, go talk to Princess Bubblegum. She'll inform you about the outbreak of "aggressive creatures" and tell you to go to the Tree Dungeon, mentioning that the Ice King was last seen there. More importantly, she'll also install your map cart, giving you access to the Map Screen! At any point in the game, you can use this map to find your location. This is helpful on overworld screens when you don't know where to go next. After that, she'll fly off... but wait? She left something behind! After picking up the object with no hesitation, you discover that it's part of a note! There are two other pieces of the note to get, so let's get right on that!

    Now, leave the Village and head north again, but this time go up towards the staircase. Entering it will take you to what I will refer to as a Transfer Map. These maps are merely present to take you between two separated areas. Move Finn onto the stairs to enter the map. Proceed to your left and defeat all the enemies you encounter, taking care to grab the Beauteous Wings and the Gossamer Cloak while you progress. A lot of the enemies will drop food and condiments, so make sure to grab them.

    Pro Advice:

    Some of the enemies are very low to the ground, and you may not be able to hit them with your punches. If you struggle with this, you can utilize Jake's stretchy arm attack by pressing X - not only is it long distance, but it can hit enemies that are too close to the ground, like the jumping rocks. You can also use your slide attack (Down + B) to damage these enemies, but step back after using it or they'll get close and attack.

    Eventually, you should come out on top of the cliff. Head into the Save Fountain and replenish yourself before going into the stage nearby, where you'll begin your very first Boss Battle!

    When you enter the stage, head left until you encounter Donny the Ogre, the culprit behind the Case of the Missing Mail Parcel! He outright refuses to give it back, so you have no choice but to beat the troll-y snot out of him!

    Boss Battle!
    Donny, the Obnoxious Grass Orge

    Health Points: 70

    Donny is the standard in simple first boss, having few attacks and being very easy to defeat. His first attack is a powerful punch; you know he's about to use it if he pulls his arm back. Crouch to dodge this attack, and then wail on him. He will also do a jump attack where he flies into the air and comes crashing down. Move out of the way to avoid this and punch the snot out of him. If close combat isn't working for you, you can utilize Jake's attack (X) or Finn's slide attack (Down + B). You shouldn't have too much trouble with this guy.

    Once you defeat Donny, you'll obtain the Mail Parcel! Radical! Now that you've gotten back the stolen item, head back to the Housies Village and return it to Mail Housie. He'll open it up and tell you that there's a letter for you in there. You'll then receive the second piece of Evidence! You only have one more part of the note to find before you can piece it back together, so now it's time to fulfill the final request: getting rid of Dog Housie's fleas.

    So now, we have to find something to get rid of those bothersome fleas that have invaded Dog Housie! Starting from the Village, go directly right until you reach a large platform with two staircases, a fountain, and another village. If needed, stop at the fountain; if not, head into the village, which is home to Hot Dog Princess. She'll tell you that one of her Hot Dog Knights is investigating the Tree Dungeon. This is in fact a quest... request, but it can't be completed until later, so don't stress it too much now.

    For now, we have to focus on those fleas. Now, head southwest towards the lower platform, where you should find the entrance to Apple Woods. Enter it and you should encounter everyone's favorite pie maker, Tree Trunks! She'll tell you that she's been looking at some new pie recipes, and that if you have a weird ingredient, she could make it into a pie for you. She suggests looking in the Dark Forest to find something weird enough. Sounds like a very sinister pie...

    On the coattails of her suggestion, head back up to the previous platform and take the bottom-most staircase and traverse through the Transfer Map. Near the end of it, you should find Lumpy Space Princess, who's roasting a marshmallow over a fire. She'll tell you about how she and Hot Dog Princess were attacked by evil bunnies! How lame!

    Once you progress through this stage and come out on the other side, head into the entrance of Dark Forest. Once inside, you'll run into Raggedy Princess. After noting that you're on an adventure, she'll give you a parting memento in the gift of a Raggedy Sock. Uh... yeah, thanks. There's nothing left to do here, so exit the Dark Forest through the Transfer Map.

    Now, head back down to Apple Woods and talk to Tree Trunks again. She'll take notice of your Raggedy Sock and claim that she can make a pie out of it. Why she would want to, well... that's a real mystery. Nonetheless, after some pie-making specialties, she'll gift you the Shoofly Pie. Yuck! No matter how nasty it smells, it'll definitely get rid of the fleas on Dog Housie. Let's not waste time, so get back to the Housie Village quickly!

    Pro Advice:

    Now that you've completed this part of the game, Tree Trunks can now make you her delicious Tree Trunks Pie. This item completely restores your health, no matter how much is missing. You can get an infinite supply of these; simply give Tree Trunks 3 apples to get one. Make sure to save your apples!

    Back in the village, talk to Girl Housie with Dog Housie. The Shoofly Pie should immediately attract the fleas, saving Dog Housie from a terribly itchy life! In return, the Girl Housie will gift you with the final piece of the note! Waste no time, and go over to Jail Housie. He should piece together the note that we all want to know about!

    ... So the whole time it was under Finn's bed? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

    ... Ahem. Anyway. Now that we know where Scarlet is, there's nothing left to do but go get her. Head back to Finn's house and go to the top floor. Stand near Finn's bed and press the A Button to discover Scarlet, the Golden Sword!

    Pro Advice:

    Scarlet is only usable if your health gauge isn't too low. She's enticed by romance, so if you don't keep your hearts up, she won't appear. Using her gives you a small power boost, and a larger striking distance. All the attack controls for Finn are the same, except now he will use Scarlet to attack instead of his fists, so long as he's healthy.

    Now that you have Scarlet in your possession, you're safe to go through the perilous Tree Dungeon! What wonders and dangers await you in this threatening place? And more importantly, are they oak trees? Who knows?! Let's find out!