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    Hello everyone, to start I would like to point out that I have finished every single Pokemon game including Black 2. My question is at the moment I only have black 2 which Im working slowly to complete my Pokedex.

    Recently I have felt like playing a Pokemon game since I have done nearly everything I can in Black 2.(except catch em all) My question is should I get Soulsilver (I have all the legendaries from those SS and HG except maybe 2) or should I get White 2 since I already have Black 2. (My brother has White 2 so I can get all the exclusives anyway) But I would still not mind getting it so I can finish the game slowly while focusing on Black 2's Pokedex.
    P.S I already finished HG and my brother SS back on release and we transferred the exclusive Pokemon and Legends upon Black and White's release.

    All help on this hard decision appreciated.
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