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Sorry for the delay guys, but the featured LP/Guide/Review of the Week is...

Week of 8/26/13

[Guide] PJBottomz - The Mathematical Image-Heavy Guide to the Adventure Time DS Game!

>Click To View<

Why did we pick this thread? It was obvious that PJ had put a lot of thought into his guide, and right off the bat we could tell that. The CSS is very clean and there are a few details like the Beemo cursor that top it off and give it an extremely presentable feel. Adding on to that, the commentating is easy to understand and simple enough. Even if you aren't a fan of the Adventure Time series, checking this guide out won't be a waste of your time! For a fun game to play while you're reading, count how many times the word mathematical or algebraic is used. ;] Good work PJ!

  • Keep these threads coming guys! I'm reading over every one recently posted/updated to check if they have what it takes. If you feel like yours takes the cake, throw it up before this Sunday!

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