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wow, thats a really interesting game Idea, I know a lot of people who love professor layton and phoenix wright - I personally never tried them, but I hear they're good, so it's interesting to see a game in a similar light, especially one with heavy RPG qualities

as for the "specific information" thing, it's difficult to actually implement well as you'd need to have it so there's room for error - iunno from the screenshot exactly, but if the player can enter in both caps and lowercase, you need to have the answers accept both, or specify whether or not you should use a specific type of input, such as no spaces, or all caps, etc - also spelling might be an issue

aside from the implementing probs, it's a very good idea, and would add more challenge to a puzzle game - also it would make the game feel more "real" as the player would have to actually "talk" using their own words

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