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    Character names

    Male: Brendan ¦ Female: May

    Basic Plot

    The current story is based 17 years after Emerald. Your play the role of either Brendan or May throughout the story. After the first event in Emerald with Teams Aqua and Magma a mysterious plague of evil Pokémon begin to appear... A dark shadow begins to spread over the region.. The source is at first unknown however after some time passes the organization behind it all reveals there selves as Team Chaos. The Leader of Team Chaos never reveals his name or true identity by always wearing an iron, electronic mask that deepens his voice.

    Team Chaos is in control of Hoenn for multiple years with no trouble, every plan is flawless. Then you appear...

    Your character (Brendan/May) wakes up in the middle of a dark shadow however doesn't seem to be controlled by it like the other people and Pokémon. Your character see's that a wild Riolu is being cornered by a group of evil dark controlled Pokémon and so protects it. Your character then blacks out.

    Your character then finds them self in Prof. Birch's Lab. This is where the main story begins..

    (I won't go on any farther as I don't want to ruin it)


    Player- Brendan and May
    Mum- She's.. mum
    Prof Oak- You know who he is ;D
    Prof Birch- Hoenn prof

    More.. but I won't ruin it :3


    All generations Pokémon so far (Some X and Y)
    Main Character Pokémon
    Old characters return
    References to not just the games but also the series
    more than you can imagine :3

    Screenshots so far

    Character and Pokémon Concept art

    Team Chaos's Leader

    New Legendary Pokémon Concept Art (You are able to fight but not catch in game)
    This Pokémon has the combined power of Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Jirachi and Darkrai


    Credit to the maker of Pokemon Essentials starter kit.
    Credit to the Beta Testers
    Credit to Baby Dialga & Rayquaza for the amazing Tilesets :D
    Credit to.. Nintendo for the original Pokemon games because without them none of this would be possible.

    If there's anyone I missed let me know and I will make sure you are credited.

    Join the team Currently looking for a pixel artist :3

    I am recruiting and currently so if you wish to join send me this form.
    Preferred method of contact(PM through youtube would be nice) YouTube name is JABimations

    Position Wanted-
    Examples of work-
    Any extra info i need to know for work-

    Team so far

    JABimations - Writer, Script, art etc etc
    SquidNut - Beta Tester
    SAJstudios - Beta Tester


    Thank's for taking the time to read this thread. I hope you agree that this is an interesting way to revamp Pokémon Emerald and thank you.. again :3
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