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    I finally added in enough moves to compensate every type.
    Every Pokemon should now be able to attack/buff when in dungeons. However, it may go on and off, so just go to a new floor and see if you can at least attack or something!

    There is now an indicator on the top screen that indicates what buffs you and your team currently has. Red means Attack, Blue means Defense, and Yellow means Speed.

    You can now zoom in and out by pressing the 0 or 9 key, just in case the following dungeon has trees blocking the hallways.

    Emerald Forest is now the best dungeon I created. It has trees and flowers and everything! To get there, go talk to Breloom, who should be West of the starting location.

    At Floor 50, A large Pokemon will appear and act as a Boss! It has 10X the regular HP, 1/2 of its attack, and 1 Speed lower than the Pokemon it was! You can't advance to floor 51 until this monstrosity is defeated! Also, this guy WILL destroy the walls just to get to you, so spam as far away as you can!
    (I've never gotten this high, but through testing I can say this part was pretty grueling)
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