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I'm a little of both. :/ I used to play a lot of MMO's before my previous laptop broke down. My current laptop can't handle MMO's because of the lack of GB it has. However, I do tend to feel bad about my actions if I make mistakes and what not. I know I do try to apologize. There are actually times when I keep to myself. I like to figure something out on my own before I ask for help. If not, then that's when I ask someone. I tend to feel the struggle of just plain annoying someone with constant questions of how to do this or that.

With that said, I think n00bs and newbs are found anywhere you go. Like the poster above said, you can find them on forums, especially here on PC even. I personally don't mingle with them and stay away from such users as much as I can. I have experienced some people who were total idiots in the MMO's I've played. However, when you play private servers, it's rare to actually find n00bs running around.
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