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    I think I'll give this Nuzlocke another go, this time in Pokemon White.

    Username: Shizzable
    Game: White
    Optional Rules:
    -You must nickname all of your Pokemon.
    -A black out/white is a "game over," even if there are Pokémon left in the PC.
    -You may not use/catch legendary Pokémon.
    -Duplicates are excluded.

    Pokemon White Update 1:

    -I did all the boring intro stuff and got a Snivy named Miss Smug as my starter.
    -I caught a Lillipup and named him Muffin, then went on to Accumula Town.
    -On Route 2, I found a Purrloin and named him Tom.
    -Miss Smug was killed by a critical hit already! (Buzzkill)
    -After making it to Stration City, I said my goodbye to Miss Smug and did some grinding in the Dreamyard.
    -I got my Panpour and named him Rain.

    Current Team:


    Muffin (Lillipup)
    Abillity: Pickup
    Nature: Lax
    -Odor Sleuth

    Tom (Purrloin)
    Abillity: Unburden
    Nature: Brave

    Rain (Panpour)
    Abillity: Gluttony
    Nature: Brave
    -Water Gun



    Miss Smug (Snivy)
    Died at Level 7
    Ermahgerd! I evolved!
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