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    Stories of the Devious After-Grave Wanderer and the Manipulative Rodent Apple Conjurer Pt.3

    Your team supports you, by sticking together you manage to shake off your fear and progress down the damp path. Corner after corner you turn, until you enter the final room - water seeps into the room from the far wall, covering the feet of any small pokémon.

    Tobias sighed in relief as the rushing water slowly began to subside. Although it was significantly deeper now that the door had opened, it was just shallow enough for Alaric to wade through it. "Alaric, do you wish to go forward with me? There was obviously something in there that terrified you, and if you feel like you are in danger, you may use your Warp Stone to go back. I wouldn't want you to be attacked."

    Where was all this emotion coming from? Tobias was supposed to be dead - the dead can't feel. And yet, Tobias found himself attached to this child. It was... unsettling, yet he felt some admiration in himself for not allowing this little mouse to be destroyed or harmed.

    "N-No," stuttered the electric rodent while trying to keep his calm, failing and shivering like a sped up hula dancer. So it was water? Just that? Then why did he hear laughs? Laughing water? Yeah, sure, be realistic for once, Alaric. There ain't no talking water in this world!

    ... Although there is Muk to be considered...

    "T-The laughs," Alaric proceeds as he attempts to make whatever sense he can from the situation, "I-I heard them again!"

    Tobias grimly realized that it was the same laugh he had heard, the one that made him release Psychic down the corridor not too long ago. "I know. I've heard them too. Like I said, if you don't want to go on, you may go back. I can assure you that I will return safely if you do so."

    "N-No," the mouse hardly could say as it tried to not freeze in fear at the thought of those being the same laughs Tobias heard before. Which would mean that whatever it was, it was looking for them, and was more than likely in front of them, "I need to get that apple, and we've come this far!" The mouse ceased standing behind Tobias as it took a deep breath and stuttered with less frequency, "I can't just... give up like this, we need to continue!"

    Tobias slowly floated back down, gently setting Alaric in the now calm waters. "If you're truly determined to go on, I will not stop you. Please, progress forward."

    Taking a deep breath, Alaric proceeds to approach the now-open stone door and the room behind it. Slow steps accompanied by an unssetling splashing sound. As he comes near the door, an uncanny prescence can be felt. Like before, it feels as if there are more than two people in the room. As Alaric finally reaches for the next room, he hears the ever so unseetling voice shriek.

    Tobias immediately whips around, looking for whatever it could possibly be that was screaming at them. Eventually, it settled down, although it sounded much closer than it needed to be. Tobias floated in front of Alaric. "I... I will enter first. We may be attacked unexpectedly. Allow me to take the hit."

    Tobias put his hand on the door and slowly began to push it open, the water making it much more difficult. Alaric nods hastefully. The door finally opens, revealing...

    "Heh. Heh. Heh," laughs an evil presence. A grey Croconaw chuckles to itself. "Let's review your progress!" The crazed pokémon shrieks, "LET'S PLAY A GAME. Heh. Heh." There's something not quite right, wasting no more time the crocodile pokémon springs forward.

    Behind the door, as both Pokémon access the second room, the prescence that teased them before is now observing from far away, allowing itself to be visible this time. A Croconaw of unusual color scheme - dark gray skin, and a light shade on its belly and mouth - with a wide smirk showing in its scary semblance.

    "Heh, heh," laughs the gray alligator, shivers running down Alaric's spine, "LET'S PLAY A GAME!"

    Tobias immediately charges a Shadow Ball, wasting no time, and firing it at the odd Croconaw. It jumps to the side, disappearing into the water. "Alaric! Get out of that water immediately!"

    "Out of the what?" Alaric turned around to face Tobias, catching a glimpse of a shadow ball before having his attention stolen by a loud splash from behind. Turning back to his original stance, Alaric freezes in fear as a mighty figure of tenebrous looks prepares stares intently at the yellow rodent. The Croconaw then prepares to attack, rising its head as far at can go, a white sphere with a blue outline surrounding it begins to form, and with a hasteful shot, a searing white shot falls down towards the electric rodent.

    Alaric stares in fear and resorts to simply jump by the side. The ice beam hits his leg. A sudden cold sensation takes over as his leg begins to feel heavier. With a loud crash and a yelp of pain, the yellow rodent collides on nearby ground.

    Head turning in the explanade overtaken by darkness. Croconaw watches the weak prey he has acquired as he prepares to charge against Alaric.

    "I don't think so!"

    As the Croconaw readied to finish off his tiny prey, he was halted as Tobias came flying from nowhere, slamming into the thing hard and sending it careening at the wall. It crashed into it rougly before flopping down into the water, but immediately pulled itself back up. "Alaric, if you can electrify the water, we might be able to defeat this thing." Tobias explained as he charge a Shadow Ball. He fired it as the Croconaw released a Water Pulse - the two attacks collided in an explosion of energy. "And you should do that quickly!"

    "R-Right!" Alaric gulped, attempting to stand up whilst lugging his heavy leg through the water. The weight of it was far too much, however, and he fell back down into the cold liquid again. "Tobias, I can't lift my leg! It's frozen!"

    "Blast it!" Tobias growled, charing forward and slamming into the Croconaw, pushing it into the wall. "You don't need to stand up! Just eletrocute the water from where you lay!" He pushed into the Croconaw again, attempting to crush him against the wall; the Croconaw decided to fight back and sank his teeth into Tobias' arm. "YAAAAH! Ouch! You wretched tadpole!"

    Alaric attempted to push himself up, his frozen leg still weighing him down. He clenched his stubby fists and began to charge up as much power as he possibly could, concentrating it all on his tail in a battle-ending Electro Ball. "Tobias, get out of the water!"

    Tobias was still struggling when Alaric warned him of the looming attack that would surely fry both of them. "Do it! I will be fine!"

    "Tobias!" Alaric shouted, the electricity on his tail humming loudly as it became fully charged. "I can't hurt you! Please, just mo -"

    "Just zap the stupid thing already!"

    Alaric gulped, regretting his next decision. He jumped up and flicked his body, sending the electric ball careening into the water. Immediately, the pool exploded in a blast of bright light, sending electric bolts coursing through both Tobias' and the Croconaw's body. Tobias felt his entire body fill with electricity, his nerves frying in conjunction with the Croconaw, who wailed in pain and released Tobias' crunched arm.

    Not long after the blast of electricity started, it left, the water having slightly evaporated more from the heat of the lightning. Alaric plopped down into the water, the ice on his leg shattering upon landing. He immediately waded his wave over to Tobias, who was fallen face-down in the pool. "Tobias! Tobias, wake up! Come on!" He pushed the large lump of ghost over on his back, jumping up on his stomach. "Tobias! Please wake up! Don't leave me like this!"

    Tobias was completely unresponsive. After attempting to wake him up a few more times, Alaric plopped down on his ghost friend's stomach, tears welling up in his eyes. "Tobias... please wake up... I... I..." Not being able to hold back, Alaric let loose a fountain of actual tears, the water puddling up in the pool beneath them. "Tobias! Please don't die! Don't die! Live! You have to live! WAAAAAAAAAAH!"

    "Urk... child, you're crushing my abdomen..."

    Alaric ceased his crying, perking up when he heard Tobias' voice. "T-Tobias?! Are you alive?"

    Tobias groaned, pushing himself up with one arm and holding his head with the other one. "I have told you numerous times, I am already dead. You cannot kill a ghost, child."

    "TOBIAS! YOU'RE ALIVE!" Alaric hugged onto Tobias' face/stomach/whatever, crying with joy instead of sadness. "I thought you were dead! Ohmygosh I thought I lost you forever and ever and I would never have my ghosty friend back don't you ever scare me like that -" Alaric continued to weep and celebrate the failed passing of his ghost friend, his words becoming a jumbled mess as he continued on.

    Tobias almost laughed, amused that the child was so relieved that he was still alive. And Tobias realized, he probably would have reacted the same way if Alaric's life was in risk like that. So, it wasn't odd, and Tobias was glad that the child was happy. "Yes yes, I'm quite alive. It's great to see you as well. Now, would you allow me to breath, please?"

    Alaric hopped down, the water splashing around him. Tobias pushed himself up, floating slightly above the water. "Well now, that issue is settled. I believe the treasure in this tomb is awaiting us somewhere. Shall we move on?"

    The guardian Croconaw finally falls, it collapses to the ground, still. You notice a glistening object in the corner of the room, reaching in to the water you pick out the beautiful, blue jewel.

    You retrieved the Mystic Water. Continue your exploration, free style.

    Alaric nodded, peering around the room in hopes of finding the treasure. It was pretty dark, so it was hard to see anything... but Alaric noticed something shiny sitting in a rocky fountain that was filled with water pouring from a small hole in the back wall. "Hey Tobias, there's something over there! Maybe that's the treasure!"

    Tobias followed to where Alaric was pointing and noticed the glistening object as well. "Good eye, child. That may be it." The two made their way over to the small fountain, the object visible in the water. "Ah, this must be... yes, I knew it." Tobias reached his hand into the water and pulled out the beautiful Mystic Water, examining it closely. "Mystic Water, a very rare treasure for Water-types. It boosts the power of the Water-type attacks and is considered extremely rare. In fact, many of these have been eternally lost. This treasure... could be worth so much..."

    "Will you wear it?"

    Tobias looked down at Alaric, who adorned an innoncent face as he awaited an answer from the ghost. "Why... why would I wear it? I have no use for it. I am a Ghost-type. This has no effect on me."

    "It could be a symbol of our friendship!" Alaric quipped, smiling broadly. "You can wear it and you'll never forget me! We'll be friends forever."

    Tobias' expression softened. This mouse truly wanted to be friends, it seemed. And yet, Tobias felt as if he didn't have the emotional grasp to be friends. But... he could feel something. Be it admiration or true happiness, he actually wanted to be friends with Alaric. "I... suppose that could work." He slipped the Mystic Water over his head, letting it form a nice necklace below his mouth.

    Alaric held up a tiny fist. "Friends?"

    Tobias hestinantly bumped his own fist against Alarics. "Friends, indeed."

    After scourging the rest of the tomb, they were unable to find the elusive Golden Apple that Alaric wanted so bad. It was a terrible thing, indeed, but there was nothing to be done. Their section of the tomb was explored, as was everyone else's. It was over, at last. The guild had indeed survived the tomb that had claimed many others, and the exploration was over. The board came down, and the arrivals departed.

    As such, it was time for Tobias to stay behind and Alaric to depart for his home. Alaric couldn't help but be sad that Senor Ghost had to leave him, but there was no choice. "Tobias... I'm really gonna miss you. I thought we'd be worst enemies and rivals forever, but... yeah, I really don't wanna go."

    "Alaric, it shall be alright." Tobias patted Alaric on his head. "In time, I may visit you. Who knows, I may have found the apple you seek in that time. Until then, the Mystic Water shall bond us together in an unspoken friendship. As I will never forget you for it, you shall never forget me. You have given this ghost an invaluable treasure in his afterlife."

    Alaric felt the tears flowing once again, and the emotion overwhelemed him, causing him to hug Tobias. "I really don't wanna gooooooooo!" He cried, sobbing into the ghost's stomach.

    Tobias smiled, hugging the mouse back the best he could. "I trust that you will be fine, Alaric. You are a bright and whmisical child. You will accomplish great things, I'm sure. I cannot wait to see what you can do. But for now, we must part ways. You will be okay, I am sure of it."

    Alaric hesitantly let go of Tobias, still sobbing. "R-Right... I'll be a... big explorer like you. I'll be famous." He laughed a little, wiping his tears. "And I'll find that Golden Apple if my life depends on it. Don't you ever think I won't!"

    "I am sure you will." Tobias laughed. It was an actual laugh, one he hadn't done in quite a while. It rung within himself, making him feel enegetic. It's amazing how one child can change your entire afterlife... I hadn't realized what Alaric was capable of, and how amazing a friend can truly be...

    He patted Alaric on the head for the last time. "Well, my hyper mouse friend, this is goodbye. But only for now."

    Alaric nodded. "Right. Only for now. I promise we'll meet again."

    Tobias smiled. "I hope we do."

    With that, Alaric took bounding off down the path away from Gold Town, Tobias waving goodbye to him as he left. Once the mouse was out of sight, Tobias sighed. "Arceus, do protect that child. Bless him with your grace and let him live long and prosperous."

    Now that the teary goodbye was said, it was time to do some business. Tobias quickly made his way over to Asty's, who was chatting to Jake the Poliwhirl when he arrived. "Good afternoon, gentleman. What do you speak of?"

    "I just got the coolest trade today!" Jake cheered, bounding up and down in excitement. "Someone gave me a Golden Apple! I don't know where they found it, but it -"

    "Pardon me." Tobias interrupted, his heart skipping a beat as he thought he heard the name incorrectly. "Did you just say... Golden Apple?"

    "Yeah, yeah, show him Asty! Show him the apple!" Asty nodded, pulling the gleaming Apple from behind the counter. It was as beautiful as Alaric described it - it was shimmering, glistening, a beautiful yellow and perfectly plump. It was so large, even Konzu could not possibly eat it in one swallow. Well... that was debateable. "Isn't it so cool? I think I might keep it! It looks awesome!"

    Tobias sweated slightly as he contemplated what he was about to do. "Jake, you're a bright fellow... but you really should read more about these kinds of things." With a shadow-laced swipe, Tobias snatched the Apple from Asty's claws before darting around the back of the storage and shooting down the path, the two Pokemon chasing after him hetically. The Lotad from before noticed Tobias fleeing as well, and immediately gave chase in hopes of securing the golden food for himself.

    "Alaric! Alaric! Wait a moment! Do not leave yet!"

    "Theif! He stole my apple! Get it back!"

    "No one steals from Asty's storage! That's a guarantee!"

    "You apple thief! Get back here! If I can't have my apple, I shall have that one!"

    And that's where the story ends. In time, Alaric and Tobias will cross paths once again. And while that will not be immediately, it will happen; until then, Tobias and Alaric will always remain friends through a bond not comprehendable by common Pokemon. It's a bond that is inseperable, one that will last decades after both pass. A bond that will be written down in history books, in scrolls, and anywhere words can be written.

    A bond of genuine friendship.

    "When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand." - Henri Nouwen