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    Now as the next generation of Pokemon games about to get released I wonder what will be the next development, what to expect and when will it come?

    It's hard for me to believe that there are people here, fans of the Pokemon's games, that are not familiar with the game Pokemon Generations. This game, although being fan-made, probably aim for what I, and you, always wished for to be able to do in a Pokemon game. Unfortunately, its creator cannot afford working on it as much as we might want him to, and so not long ago announced that the updates on the underdeveloped game will become infrequently (which none can blame him).

    That notification got me thinking, is it really to much to ask for a proper, life-like Pokemon game?
    I think not. Whether if it is fan-made or by Game Freak, we deserve a Pokemon game with an A.I that a game like Black & white had for more than a decade and finally an open world to actually allow us to create our own adventure.
    Thankfully, there might be a chance for us to work and create ourselves that Pokemon game thanks to the anticipated, Project Spark - if only they'll release a Character Creature like in Spore.

    So making the game ourselves is a possibility, but should we do so? Do we want to? To make it really life-like, or series-like, won't be easy doesn't matter how much Project Spark will simplified it.

    So, before making a U turn to the thread's main questions let me ask this:
    Can Game Freak keep going by the same build it used even in the new X&Y for future games?
    Yes, 3D and so much things we are able to do now. Yet although look different, the main things (battles, interaction with NPCs, traveling) remained the same.
    How long will it keep satisfying us players?
    Can tell you that the last game I played was Ruby and the only reason I bought 3DS XL is for the changes in X&Y, but will I buy Z game, or what ever that will get released next and have the same design, no. Just like I stopped watching the series or buying figures. If I can't get a real Pokeball, at least give me something good to watch or a good game to play.

    The main questions...
    The next development for the portable games I hope will supply a better Pokemon A.I for battles and training - could be more, but a proper A.I is the least I ask today from new games.
    What I do expect is more developments for the online gaming and character design.
    I don't care much for the second part, but the first I hope we'll get before I'll die or be tired from the franchise.
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