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Originally Posted by Perdition Haze View Post
In FireRed and LeafGreen, legendary dogs are encountered depending on the starter that you chose. If you selected Charmander, you'll meet Suicune. If you've chosen Bulbasaur, then you should run into Entei. If it's Squirtle, then you'll stumble into Raikou. d: Before you start encountering them, though, you'd have to help Bill start the Network Machine on Sevii Islands. Now, when you go back to Kanto, the dogs should be there. Only places that won't be able to find them are caves, tunnels, Power Plant, Cinnabar Mansion, and the Safari Zone. If you'd like to encounter the shiny versions of them, then I think you would have to keep soft resetting, just like with any other legendary. Good luck! (:
Thank you. I know that the first time you encounter it, it will have the same IVs and other traits every other time you encounter it, so I can hopefully assume that the first time you encounter it determines everything. It's admittedly difficult to soft-reset on a roaming Pokemon because you don't know where it will spawn first and even if you do, you'll still have to chase it because it moves even after you save.

I was hoping for some sort of strategy on how to go after it, but I'm not even sure about the basics of going after a 3rd Gen shiny roaming Pokemon and I can see you aren't either. I'll see what I can do.