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Let us Play DemiKids Dark Version!
A Screenshot LP

This game is part of a duo the other being DemiKids Light Version. The two games together make up a second generation of Devil Children games. Unlike many other multi-version games, there are a large number of changes between Dark Version and Light Version. The DemiKids games were also the first to receive a Shin Megami Tensei banner in North America. Shin Megami Tensei: DemiKids Dark Version (真・女神転生 デビルチルドレン 闇の書, Shin Megami Tensei Debiru Chirudoren Yami no Sho, lit. Devil Children Dark Book), is part of a dualogy with DemiKids: Light Version, developed by Multimedia Intelligence Transfer.
The game features the same style of gameplay as earlier Devil Children games. The game world is navigated in a 3rd person perspective; however battle is handled in first person. Some demons are only available in the DemiKids: Light Version, and players can use a link cable to trade, fusing demons and battle against each other. In comparison to the Light Version, the Dark Version features more challenging gameplay and far more complex mechanics. Think of this as a pokemon game but instead of pokemon they are demons. Once I have completed this LP I will then review the game.

Part 1= Chrono Trigger
Part 2= Akira & The Matrix
Part 3= Yugioh! Duel Monsters
Part 4= Megaman Battle Network

Part Uno: The depths of Hell's Pizza deliveries!

Sweet an Atlas game!

Well someone in Atlus is a devil summoner.

Okay so kids when summoning a demon you will get in return a wierd snake.

Ah the title screen, so we have a blue haired kid and a blacked out figure.

Great, we have monologues... time to span the A button

Okay well it seems we have Lavos trying to stop Chrono... once again.

Seems like the devil is ordering pizza

I hate shakespeare and Forlo sounds like shakespeare.

Seems like someone didn't deliver the right pizza.

What the hell is a DEM! Why does Lucifer have some badly drawn body tats and this Forlo character has just come back from the melbourne cup.

Suck up.

cliche prophecy stuff I bet they are going to explain it now.

I stand corrected


No we don't need to know!

No let's not and see how well this pans out!