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    Confusingly Eccentric

    Chapter N ― Part N
    "The Humble Protagonist"

    Fuchsia Gym

    Character Name: ???? ?????
    Nickname: Sabre
    Sex: Male
    Age: 18

    Appearance: While Sabre does not reveal much of his appearance, this much can be seen from first glance: He stands at roughly six feet high, with a fit, lean muscular build (meaning he may look a bit thin, but he has muscle hidden underneath) and roughened light skin. Those who have gotten a good look at his face can see that he has medium-length gray hair, deep red eyes, scars along his jaw line, a small, chiseled nose, and a devilish grin. He generally wears average-looking clothes that include desert-tan or mellow black, almost always a denim jacket (the collar flipped upward to help conceal his face) with nothing underneath, matching black or tan jeans with many tears along the lower legs and knees, steel-toed black boots, and his signature gray-white cap & bandana combo. He always wears wrist braces, chains, and a necklace. Beyond this, Sabre has many more scars along his body, almost all of which are hidden beneath his clothing. His canine teeth are sharper than average, adding to the intrigue of his grin. While he's active and fit, he's also surprisingly underfed. Beneath his jacket, his ribs remain visible and his stomach does not protrude outward at all. This is mainly to do with how little money he has on him, which he often spends on healing himself and his ally more than he worries about eating. His posture is exceptional... In battle. When outside of battle, he slouches quite a bit.

    Personality: Sabre is, of all the cards in the deck, the Joker. He can't and won't hesitate to make a wise crack or a sarcastic retort. He finds some things funny that normally others wouldn't (Call it his twisted sense of humor) and his laugh sounds sadistic and some might even think him evil, though he only likes to have a good time. He will actually go to great extents to find excitement or stir up trouble, often leaving him labeled as a troublemaker or an ass. He doesn't mind it, though, in fact, he's fueled and encouraged by everyone else's disdain, hatred and labels. He's not necessarily hard to befriend, but finding someone who would willingly befriend him is another story entirely. He can generally say cruel, insulting, disgusting or horrifying things casually, and though he most often does not mean them, people will often assume he does. He does this, as he enjoys testing the limits and emotions of others. He's very curious and won't hesitate to approach a situation he finds interesting, no matter how wild or hazardous it may be. Around others, he's seen as pestering, creepy and mysterious. In fact, this entire personality would take forever to write, as he is very much a wild card and a lot of the things he does can be unpredictable. Nor can any of his decisions and quirks be explained by any form of logic. Many people consider him to be mentally unfit to live in the world alongside others. However, he is very much sane, despite his actions. He has an inseparable bond with his Honedge (In many more ways than one) and treats the Honedge as if they were brothers. While his Pokemon's personality and his own are stark opposites, they still seem to get along well, albeit with disagreements. Sabre is also incredibly romantic, though his efforts are wasted on random women rather than any one specific love interest.

    History: Sabre lived a generally calm and quiet life in the upper class in Celadon City. However, Sabre did not enjoy this life. He found it dull, easy, and without any intrigue. At ten, his wealthy parents bought him a round trip to Fuchsia so he could get his Soulbond. However, he sought adventure, he sought challenge, he sought fantastical battles where he, as a lone swordsman, could take on and defeat any foe before him. He wanted to experience the world as if it was one of the many storybooks he'd read as a child! So, at the ripe old age of ten, he set off on his own adventure, hoping to make something great of himself, choosing not to take the trip back and instead try to take on the world alone. Many years passed, travelling much of Kanto's less-populated areas, by foot, boat, train, and whatever lay at his disposal. He didn't get to find his storybook ending anywhere, though he had many great experiences. He fought in random sparring matches, and official battles in a few of the gyms (though a lot of them did not approve of his method of fighting), and anyone he could find that either disapproved of him, he disapproved of them, or someone who he saw as a challenge. He had many wins and losses, but those battles trained him as well as his Pokemon, as well as donned him in his scars, each of which has a story to tell. He enjoyed most all of his rough life on his own, making just enough money to get by. Finally, he found a calling. A flyer notified him of the rise of the Rockets, and the desire to fight them off. Finally, a story worth chasing! Sabre, hoping to be the hero in this story, eagerly began his new journey, knowing not what he would soon be getting himself into.

    Pokémon: Honedge
    Name: Hidachi
    Sex: Male

    Appearance: Not much differs Hidachi from other Honedge besides his shiny coloration, his noble and sometimes intimidating aura, and some well-taken-care-of rips in the hand-like appendage. All of these tears were sewn or stitched back together, making them generally hard to notice.

    Personality: Hidachi's personality is in stark contrast with Sabre's, in that he is not as much of a risk-taker unless he feels it is right for him to do so. While Sabre runs openly into dangerous situations, Hidachi is the calm and collected half of the pair. He gives Sabre countless pieces of valuable advice and does his best to steer Sabre in the right direction. This leads to many an argument, but no matter how much they conflict, they always get along in the end. It's one of those odd combinations that works well for reasons no one can understand. Hidachi is relatively neutral to strangers, but has the capacity to be friendly. His impressions of others rely heavily on the morality of their decisions and goals.