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    Ch 1, Library of Luna
    Kevin sat at the library, head deep in papers. This was the library of Luna, a city some miles away from his home town. He would glance to a paper on one of the many piles, and slowly move his finger down the page. He was carefully writing things down in a small black book.

    But now I suppose that Kevin needs a description? He was a boy of 14, but of average height and below average strength. He was very thin, and his hair, which was rather short, was a deep black. His freckles and kind blue eyes gave away his personality, of a nice, yet not innocent boy. He wore a robe, brown and made very poorly. But the most important characteristic of young Kevin, except maybe his inquisitiveness and bravery, was that he was a mage.

    Unfortunately he lived at a very poor, horribly kept orphanage. The people there did not care about you, only the money that got for taking care of you. And, unfortunately, they did not give there wizards a proper education. They were simple taught control so they wouldnt burn anything with there magic, but they were not advanced in spells and such.

    So here is out poorly trained, mistreated, very kind character, Kevin.

    He was now going through all the records of the city to see if he could find anything about his family, for no one he knew had know his family. Unfortunately, when the Red Blood army swept across the city, they practically destroyed everything, including the library. It was rebuilt, but the records were never put back in order because no one bothered to.

    His hand went slowly down the page. Godsforge, Godsguild, Godsheat, he thought as he looked town the page to try and find his last name, which was the only clue he had. Some sections were still in order, but when he flipped to the next page, it went from Godsspeak to Archmage. He put his head down hard on the table of exation. He had, after all, ben searching the library for hours.

    Where is it? he asked himself in frustration.

    Putting his hands deep into his pockets, he walked outside into the cold winter night. He slowly walked down the streets of Luna, thinking deeply of his family. The streets of Luna, if your not in a bad mood like our Kevin, was not a sight to be missed. Filled with shops and trade caravans, everything could be found here; from exotic birds, to the rarest bread; from magic jewels, to staffs for the wizards. Kevin did not have a staff, nor could he afford one.

    After walking for some time, he finally made it our of the city and into his home town of Merochia. He walked into the center of the town where his orphanage lay.

    Walking in, he was immediately nagged by the owner of the orphanage, Mrs. Draque.

    Where have you been? she asked, her voice sounding like a hinge that desperately needed oiling. She was a very old woman who always wore a black robe, and she was very cruel. I should tell you it was not her fault, but that is a story for another time. None the less, she treated her orphans poorly.

    To the library, miss, Kevin answered simply.

    Trying to find out about your family again? Their dead, boy-o. Give up your chase.

    He kept eye contact, but did not say anything for a minute. Miss, he began, Where was I from; you know, when I was put here?

    Now, Mrs. Draque was cruel, but perhaps not that cruel. She would not keep a persons past hidden.

    Listen, boy-o, she began, I really dont know. They just dropped you off and went on their way. The only place to find answers is the library, I suppose, but if you look there names are all youll find out. There dead, boy-o.

    He nodded gravely and made his way up the creaky stairs to his run down room, and collapsed on the bed. He immediately feel asleep.

    The next day, he immediately got up and went to the library. But this time, something odd happened. He was walking down the old records isle, when, all of a sudden, a paper fell out of the sky. It landed right on the table he always worked at. He sat down, to read Godspeed.

    Kevin gasped. He looked up to see a cat on the top of the bookshelves, looking down curiously at him. Kevin immediately got down on his knees and thanked the god of cats, who was also the god of luck, for this paper.

    He read down the list of Godspeeds. He looked down to children until he found Kevin.

    His heart was racing. His eyes were wide open, his mind wide awake. He looked up to the top of that section. It read

    James A. Godspeed and Maria L. Godspeed.
    Town of York.
    Children: Kevin Godspeed, born on January 24, 1489 (there time, not our time; this was BC)
    Abby F. Godspeed, born on January 24, 1489

    Kevin gasped and read the small, yet the most important he would ever read, section of this library. He read it over and over.

    He suddenly jumped up onto his table. I have a TWIN sister! he exclaimed. He ripped out that section of the page and put it into his black book. Going outside, he went to buy the necessary items for a long journey, for he was going to find York if it killed him.

    He was on the lookout for his sister, but little did he know she was not even of his species
    YAY! Done with this chapter! Dont worry, youll meet Abby next chapter!
    Next chapter: York
    Ahh, how things change.
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