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    Kevin stood outside the small, unimportant town of York. He looked into the small farming town, seeing nothing but a few houses and a shop. The town sign hung just outside the store, with a poorly painted, red York.

    Kevin took a deep breath, and walked slowly towards the small store. He opened the door, and the bell that was attached to it rang, surprising the store clerk. He jumped up from his chair behind the register and gave Kevin and odd look.

    The man was small and fat, but looked kind and happy. He said, May I help you?

    Kevin walked up to the register before saying, Yes. Did you ever know a man named James Godspeed?

    The man, who now got very uneasy, shifted in his seat and said, And who, if I may be so bold, is asking?

    Kevin Godspeed, said Kevin, not having any reason to not trust the man. The man looked incredibly surprised and got up and walked around the desk. He moved close to Kevin; almost uncomfortably close; and looked into his eyes.

    Yes you have your mothers eyes.

    Kevin gave a gasp of surprise and suppressed joy when he asked, You knew my mother?

    Yes, answered the man Gravely, As a matter of fact, I am her brother. Small world, eh? As you probably know, she is dead. Kevin nodded gravely at this statement. But you probably want a few questions answered, right?

    Yes what was my mother like? asked Kevin as he sat down on a barrel while the man sat back down in his chair.

    She was wonderful. Kind, caring, and the nicest woman youve ever met. She was beautiful as well. She had your blue eyes as well. The man, who revealed himself as Jordan, gave a deep description of Maria. But your father, he said after, was not as plain wonderful as she. He was a little different, as was his magic. He specialized on animals he even had a unicorn, you know that? But they all got stolen except a few.

    Jordan stood up. Listen, thats what I can tell you, but the rest you have to find out on your own. I can give you an address to there old house; no one actually fixed it up and we dont have many robbers here. You can find your other answers there.

    Kevin thanked Jordan and went to the address to find a broken down, half destroyed log cabin on a large field. He saw pens where animals used to live. He entered the destroyed house.

    The broken glass on the floor cracked as he slowly made his way through the house. It looked as though a tornado had passed through couches were tossed around, as were chairs, tables, and books. He made his way to a room with a desk in the middle. He assumed this was his fathers or mothers desk.

    He began to search the desk, but didnt find anything immediately. He finally found a small, magical recording device. The person who used it; proably his father, used to record memos. He played the first part of the record.

    I have completed the research what James said was unimportant to Kevin, just the fact that he was hearing his father. It was a deep, but kind voice. He then paid attention to what James was saying. I have what I need, I just hope the critters OK in there end.

    He went to the last recording. She is showing intelligence beyond any animal I have Maria? What is it? What? Who? Maria, calm down well be alright, dont worry, get the kids in here yea dont worry, just stay in here with the kids. I can handle them! Just stay here.

    He then heard crying in the back round of two children. Two! thought Kevin. He then heard a female voice, cooing the two children, causing them both to go to sleep. Her voice was angelic; so kind and soft.

    He then heard something on the recording that was not good. He heard yelling; lots of it, from far away by two masculine voices. Then he heard something he REALLY didnt like.


    The sound of mage fire and lightning as James fought against some mysterious person. Would he win? What would

    I recommend you run, little girl, said a new voice. I declare this house in the name of the Red Blood Army. CRACK VOOSH BOOM

    He heard an earsplitting scream as Kevins blood boiled. He was listening to the murder of his Mother. He began to hear screaming in the back round. He was about to burst into tears; he was hearing his mothers death, but he had to listen to find out if his sister lived.

    The kids? said a new voice.

    Leave em said the other voice.

    Kevin turned the recoding device off and headed out of the house, holding back the tears.

    He went back to Jordan. Wheres Abby? demanded Kevin.

    Abby? asked Jordan. She was sent away far away, to a place unknown but to a few people. Including me. Technically they couldnt take her away without my permission, but she would have a better life where they sent her. Here, ill tell you were to go.

    Kevin took the directions, and, after a few weeks of travel, made it to a small, unimportant looking shack in the middle of the Mountains. He entered, to find in deserted. Thinking that Jordan had betrayed him, he took a rock on the floor, and with a scream, threw it at a stove. It hit, revealing a hidden stair.

    After staring at it for a few minutes, Kevin went down the stairs. He entered to find an underground facility, with metal and flashing lights of all kind around him. Kevin took a few minutes to admire the senery before he noticed a large glass case that this entire facility seemed to be centered around. It had something inside it, a brown ball of feathers no

    A griffin.

    He stared for a few minutes before he heard a voice from behind him say, Prity, aint she? It was said in a most menacing way.

    He spun around to see a large, strong man standing behind him. He lifted Kevin up by the cloak and opened the latch to the cage, and threw him in quickly before the sleeping griffin could away. Hearing the noise, she did.

    You see, said the man, We feed our little pet here once a day. But for a few days, I seemed to have forgot. Shell tear you limb from limb. Good luck!

    My god, said Kevin, staring at the worn out beast, Can something so beautiful be as terrifying as he says?

    Did he just call me beautiful? thought Abby, for this is who this griffin was. She perked up her large head and looked at the boy.

    Because she was stuck in this horrible lab for so long, being tested on, she grew to hate humans very much. Very, very much. And now Kevin was stuck in an unbreakable cube with her.

    Lucky Kevin.
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