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Chapter Seven

Brenda and Ren exited the Pokemon Center, her bag filled with potions and status healers.

Guess its time. Were fully prepped to take on our first Gym match.

Brenda punched her invisible enemy twice, and then did a roundhouse kick.

What are you doing, Brenda? she heard Cherens voice, and looked in his direction. It doesnt matter. Come here, it seems theyre doing some kind of presentation.

He was pointing at a long row of uniformed people lined up in the park. One of them, the one in the middle, was wearing some old fashioned robes and large jewels, which made him stand out.

However, his ruby-colored eye patch was enough to send chills down Brendas spine.

Ren and her joined the crowd just as the old man with the robes started talking.

Hello, people of Accumula Town. My name is Ghetsis, and Im representing Team Plasma. As you must know, we are petitioning the government to consider our offer, and are going from town to town to recruit as many supporters as possible, the man smiled, but it seemed like a cold smile to Brenda.

Ghetsis walked to the right, and raised his arms.

What is our offer, you ask? That is, Pokemon Liberation.

The crowd started murmuring among itself.

Though pokemon are beings with infinite potential, with powers greater than any humans, their fate is frozen as theyre sealed in pokeballs. They live a life of slaves, many times abused by their reckless trainers. Why must they deserve such treatment?

Ghetsis turned around to walk to the left, and for a second, Brenda felt as though he had looked at her in the eye. If he did, his sight seemed to have frozen part of her soul.

Pokemon and humans must be equals. Inhumane confinement of pokemon must end right now. The only way we can accomplish this is through liberation, Ghetsis bowed as he reached the end of his discourse. Please consider supporting us, and joining Team Plasma. The numbers matter, in order to convince the Unova government. Thank you.

With that, Ghetsis flickered his hand, and the grunts with grey uniforms immediately took on a defensive stance around their robed superior.

In no time, and with careful orderliness, Ghetsis exited the park, and went out of Accumula Town.

What do you think, Cheren asked Brenda, when the crowd started to disperse.

She, however, took a moment to respond.

Oh, I dont know. I guess to each their own, but I dont believe liberation will improve our relationship with pokemon.

Cheren moved his glasses up his nose bridge.

I dont think so too, he nodded.

I know you dont, Brenda said, cheerfully. Ever since I can remember, youve wanted to be a pokemon trainer. You were always looking up ways to train happy and strong monsters.

Yes, its true, but whenever our teachers brought pokemon into the classroom, they would end up making friends with you more than anyone else.

What can I do, Brenda laughed and winked. Im just a natural.

I know, thats why-

Then Cheren cut his thought short, turned red, and waved his hands, Oh nothing. Dont mind me.

Whats gotten into you, Brenda raised an eyebrow.

Nothing of importance. Ill go to the Pokemon Center now, and will leave for Striaton City soon.

I already finished my business at the PC. Maybe well see each other along the way to the city.

Cheren excused himself, and left Brenda and Ren alone in front of the park.

A little silence ensued, and then Brenda squatted next to Ren.

What did you think of what that Ghetsis guy said? she asked.

Ren looked up, in a pensive expression.

I bet you kind of agree with what he said. You wish you were free, without me to bother you all the time, dont you?

Ren made no sound in agreement or disagreement.

Well, Brenda sighed. Im sorry to tell you that you are not getting what you want.

Then, with a bright smile, she added, Ill show you how much better your life will be, with a trainer like me by your side.

She took Rens hand, and was about to run all the way to Route 2, when she noticed that someone was still standing close to the park, watching them.

The person was tall and slender, with long green hair flowing out from a black cap. A pokemon with black fur, which Brenda had never seen before, rested on their shoulder.

When their eyes met, the person showed a glimpse of surprise and quickly looked away. However, it was hopeless.

You, the lady in the black cap, Brenda shouted. With that attire and attitude, theres no mistake. You are a pokemon trainer, arent you?

Her future opponent knitted his eyebrows, and gently caressed his hair.

A lady? he answered in an almost inaudible voice. I guess I really must cut it, if people mistake me for a girl.

Brenda widened her eyes, and bit her fingernails.

No, no, Im sorry! Your hair is totally fine, young man. It suits you like a koban to a meowth, a pearl to a spoink! Brenda blabbered, waving both of her hands. Its just me, a stupid countryside folk, whod never seen a man with long hair. The longest Ive seen is Cherens, but thats because hed have to cut it every week if he wanted to carry a short-haired head.

The stranger was dumbstruck at how fast the girl talked.

Anyway, my point is, she finally concluded. Youre a trainer, Im a trainer, and our eyes met just moments ago. That can only mean one thing.

She pointed straight at his face, and posed for dramatic effect.

We must have a pokemon battle!

The stranger would have been well-allowed to laugh, for Brendas act was nothing short of entertaining.
However, he only tightened his lips.

What, I dont hear you answer, my lad, Brenda said, placing a hand on her ear. Or is it that youre running away, because youre scared to lose to a girl?

She smirked, narrowing her eyes.

No, but my Zorua dislikes battling, he said, again in a quiet voice.

Ren looked at the fox pokemon on his shoulder, and made faces and laughed.

Rather than a fox, you are a chicken, huh? What do you say, Zo. Do you want to make an exception?

The zorua jumped off the young mans shoulder, and stood prepared in front of the pair with shocked faces.

Where did you get that from? she asked, referring to the chicken joke.

Ren also said something, in a language she could not comprehend.

What? he answered. Have you never met a person who could talk with pokemon?

Talk with pokemon?

The question made the stranger twitch his eyes. It was a question that brought back vague but distasteful memories.

Contrary to what he expected, though, the girl looked at him with total admiration.

That is the coolest thing Ive ever heard. You must tell me what Ren says, for I think we fight each other due to my lack of understanding.

She was full of glimmer, but then stopped herself, and remembered that they were about to start a battle.

Excuse me, she coughed. I got side-tracked. If your zorua (By the way, Id never seen one before. They must be quite rare, right?) is feeling like battling after my Rens joke, then lets get this started.

The battle was a 1-on-1 on a grassy field. The sun was out, but not strong enough to give them the effects of a sunny day. There was a little wind, just enough to sway the grass below Ren and Zo.

Here we go, Brenda shouted. Ren, vacuum wave!

Zo, jump and dodge.

The zorua jumped with a speed that made her almost invisible, and over to Rens back.

Zo, bite.

As her trainer ordered, she bit Rens tail, which made him jump in pain.

Zo, extrasensory.

Ren, close your eyes and ears, now!

If he allowed his senses to be taken up by the attack, Ren being a fighting type, he would have been definitely knocked out at once. Fortunately, this was one of the 50% chance when he actually listened to her.

Great, Ren, she threw a rock at his feet when the extrasensory attack was over.

Ren released his ears and opened his eyes, and saw a reassuring grin on his trainer.

Now, Ren. Vacuum wave!

Again? the young man commented. Zo, dodge it.

And jump she did once more, but Brenda was one step ahead.

Ren, vacuum wave upwards!

The quick fighting type attack finished off the zorua in one try. She managed to land on her four feet, but then she collapsed and fainted.

We did it, Brenda exclaimed, and ran to hug Ren.

Her opponent walked up to his zorua, and without a word, caressed her black fur.

Your Zoruas jumping power was impressive, Brenda told him. If I didnt have type advantage, I dont know if we couldve won.

The young man shrugged, and offered 700 pokecoins to the winner.

Thanks. May I ask your name? You were my first battle opponent, so at least I want to remember you. Im Brenda, if you wanted to know.

I go by N, he answered.

N! Alright, I wont ask what it stands for, though Id love to know, she hinted at him, but seeing that he had no intention of speaking, she carried on. Anyway, I have to get going, if I want to reach Striaton City before sunset.

N nodded.

Hope we can have a rematch, if we ever see each other again, Brenda said, as she waved her hand with her whole arm.

Then, she ran together with Ren, full of pleasure at having won their first battle, towards Route 2 and onto Striaton City.