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    Delta Species: Explanation

    Delta Pokemon are a very strange and partial man made phenomenon that can't be fully explained. Most believe it is the radio wave in the region. Other believe it is a mythical power that covered the land in ancient times. Only a number of years ago, most Delta species seems to be partially Steel type pokemon, but after a while, that steel typing faded for many and transformed into another type. Delta Species are extremely rare outside of Holon Region, but recent a number Delta Species have been discovered across Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and especially Sinjoh.

    For the most part, Delta Species keep that stats of their normal counterpart. They only thing that really changes are their typing. Rarely a color change and even far rarer, a mutation of a completely transformation where they almost don't seem like the same pokemon. However, this has only been seen a few times in the last 20 years.

    What makes Delta Species so much more dangerous is the fact that their typings are not completely known. Out of known Delta Species, only about a fourth of them have known typings. Not only that, but also because some pokemon that are usually calm and docile become far more aggressive. Some believe that the Red Gyarados of Lake of Rage in Johto was in the process of turning into a true delta species, but was stopped before it could fully change.

    In Sinjoh and other regions, not many are seen. And when they are, they are normally first stage pokemon that have been abandoned or intentionally released into the wild.

    In Holon, they become far more common. Usually a combination between basic and second stage pokemon in the northern parts of Holon. This is mainly true for the south part as well, but there have been far more sightings of fully evolved pokemon in South Holon, than north.

    On Crystalsand Island, Delta species are normally calm and have a variety of stages. They also live with normal pokemon in harmony. The main reason this area is off limits is because of the crystals that cover the island.

    Dragon Frontiers - These islands are full of fully evolved pokemon and sometimes even Legendary Pokemon. This pokemon seem to be the most aggressive and are constantly battling for territory. This is the reason why Dragon Frontiers is off limits unless you have a Regional Champion's permission.

    Holon Professors -
    In Holon, there is at least one Professor that specializes in each type of pokemon. These researchers are also very capable battlers. Each outpost has a set of Professors, one in which is the head of the outpost that will grant you access to parts of the Region.

    Professors and Typings: (M) = Male and (F) = Female
    Prof. Artemis (F) = Dragon
    Prof. Apollo (M) = Dragon
    Prof. Hades (M) = Fire
    Prof. Kharon (M) = Fire
    Prof. Hermes (M) = Normal
    Prof. Poseidon (M) = Water
    Prof. Zeus (M) = Electric
    Prof. Morpheus (M) = Dark
    Prof. Selene (F) = Fairy
    Prof. Athena (F) = Fighting
    Prof. Ares (M) = Fighting
    Prof. Persephone(F) = Grass
    Prof. Demeter (F) = Grass
    Prof. Hecate(F) = Ghost
    Prof. Cybele (F) = Rock
    Prof. Helios (M) = Fly
    Prof. Deimos (M) = Psychic
    Prof. Hephaestus (M) = Steel
    Prof. Khione (F) = Ice
    Prof. Maia (F) - Bug
    Prof. Gaia (F) = Ground
    Prof. Achlys (F) = Poison

    Professor Locations:
    Holon - Zeus and Hermes
    Alpha - Gaia, Helios, Athena, and Ares
    Beta - Persephone, Demeter, and Maia
    Gamma - Hades, Kharon, and Khione
    Epsilon - Achlys, Hecate, and Deimos
    Zeta - Selene and Poseidon,
    Delta - Hephaestus, Cybele, and Morpheus
    Omikron - Atemis and Apollo relocated to Zeta.

    Outpost Leaders:
    Athena is the Alpha Lead.
    Apollo is Omikron Lead.
    Persephone is Beta Lead.
    Khione is Gamma Lead.
    Deimos is Epsilon Lead.
    Poseidon is Zeta Lead.
    Cybele is Delta Lead.
    Zeus is Head Researcher and Leader of Holon.

    Sinjoh Professors:
    Sinjoh only has one real pokemon professor and is the head of Goldleaf Academy. However, there are 50 other professors in which teach classes and run dorms.

    Main Professors:
    Prof. Bonsai - Is the current head of Goldleaf Academy and believe in fairness for all students.

    Prof. Baobab - The previous head of Goldleaf Academy and only believed that the most successful and richest students should be allowed to continue going to Goldleaf. He was later overthrown by Prof. Bonsai and the staff that no longer believed he could run the Academy.

    Prof. Hazel - Main character's professor and Head of Tranquil Dorm.
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