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    Teachers and Adults:

    Hazel Sato - She is the Dorm Leader of the Tranquil Leaf Dorm, also known as the Tranquility Dorm, She is one of the younger teachers, 27 years old, at the school. She loves making jokes, some times if offensive jokes, but is a great teacher and will do anything for her students. She carries a camera around almost constantly to take pictures of battles and trainers having fun. She usually has a very active role when it comes to planning school events. Unlike other teachers, she waits for her students and greets them without them knowing she is the student's dorm leader. She gives out packages to her students to help them be as best as they can. Her father is Sataoshi Sato who is the owner of all the trains that run in Sinjoh. She dreams to one day create a Battle Subway similar to the one in Unova, but make it more adventurous. Much like her father, she tends to specialize in steel and electric type pokemon.

    Satoshi Sato - Satoshi Sato is a 58 year old business man and the father of Hazel Sato. He is the owner of all the trains in Sinjoh and makes a ton of money. He dreams to one day make a train large and fast enough to travel across and under oceans to other regions. He specializes in Steel and Electric type pokemon.

    Reo Bonsai - Is the current Dean of Goldleaf Academy and believes that all trainers should have a chance to prove themselves in his Academy. Even though he is only a Dean, he battles on the level of champions. When he isn't busy working, he will go out among the students in disguise and battle trainers he sees promise in. He is a huge fan of Battle Royales and will hold tournaments every season, and some times on holidays with special themes.

    Yashu Baobab - Leader of Team Shadow was once the Dean of Goldleaf Academy, but was overthrown when the staff no longer believes he was fit to lead. He thought that only the strong should go to his school, but many disagreed. He was once friends with Reo Bonsai, but after the death of their close friend, Ayuki, he turned on Reo Bonsai and blamed if for her death in which they both loved. Because of this tragic event, he no longer believe the weak should be allowed to battle and became as powerful as a champion, only to be overthrown by his best friend who clashed with his ideas. He moved to Orre for some time and learned about the Shadow pokemon and set out to make the strongest pokemon to Sinjoh to its knees and to reclaim his rightful spot as Dean and rebuild the Academy in his image.

    Seppen - She is one of the three admins of Team Shadow. She was said to have come from a different dimension where humans had the abilities of pokemon thanks to experiments. She specializes in Ice and Dark Pokemon.

    Raiden - He is one of the three admins of Team Shadow. Much like Akumu, he was said to have come from a different dimension where humans had abilities of pokemon. He specializes in Electric and Steel pokemon.

    Katsu- He is one of the three admins of Team Shadow. Much like the other two, he came from a different dimension where humans had pokemon abilities. He specializes in Fire and Fighting pokemon.

    Bernard Duval - Bernard is 31 years old and is from the Kalos Region. He is the leader of the Mountain Leaf Dorm, also known as, Mountain Dorm. He can be very nervous and can get flustered quickly if over whelmed. He believes in the current ways of how the Goldleaf Academy is ran by. Because of his nervousness, students will sometimes takes advantage of his weakness of being almost constantly nervous. However, this nervousness completely vanishes when he talks about Fossils and pokemon from Prehistoric times. He will also use his fossil pokemon to intimidate the students when he cannot. He does not have any real ambitions other than to be the best teacher he can.

    Julie Summers- Julie is a 28 year old teacher and is the head of Bright Leaf Dorm, or also known as Bright Dorms,. She is from the Unova Region. She is very cheerful, but also very determined. She is best friends with Hazel. She is also the one who told Hazel about the Battle Subway in the Unova Region when they were younger. Her dream is to create an island that has a lot of different colosseums and have different trophies where people could compete as much as they wanted to. Her dream is to make it very much like the movie known as Poketopia which had two movies before it known as Stadium and Stadium 2. She doesn't have a specific specialty when it comes to pokemon types, but she has of habit of being attracted by Electric Pokemon.

    Zahkilano Loamauna - Zahkilano is the most feared teachers at the Academy. He is head of Tungsten Leaf Dorm, also known as Power Dorm, he will fail anyone and everyone who makes some of the simplest mistakes. He believes that the Academy should be cleansed of all weakness and rarely agrees with the Dean. It is said that he owns a Legendary Pokemon, but no one has ever seen it. He specializes in Steel, Psychic, Dragon, and Ghost type pokemon. He is the strongest teacher aside from the Dean at Goldleaf Academy. Because of his long name, people usually call him The Volcano to match his personality.

    Naomi - Is said to be a fourth admin of Team Shadow, however, there are not enough reports to confirm her existence. Those who have seen her, have reported her appearing from no where. All reports have said that she was the most beautiful woman to have ever seen. Her voice almost like a poison which attracted both man and woman, regardless of their relationship preference. Reports indicate that she may be like the other three admins. The have given her the name, Naomi.
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