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Huh. Iago the Kadabra, eh? You know, ironically enough, I wrote a fic (an unfinished one on FFN) about two Kadabra siblings. One of them happens to be a total arse who wants to systematically murder the entire human race. With those revelations of Iago's sociopathic urges (even though he pretty much revealed it himself), I find myself attracted to his character already.

Pearl seems like an impulsive ADD-afflicted ditz to me, which is pretty much how I am a lot of the time - without the impulsive ADD-afflicted part. She also seems like she genuinely wants to help instead of sit on the sidelines (which is commendable). Therefore, I'm still wondering why she would say that she needed to complete her essay, especially after what Ashley said. It completely contradicts the opinion she had the last chapter (why do the essay when people are trying to kill me? I'm an action-oriented person, and I don't want to sit around while people are trying to kill me. I should probably help the detective), and it makes her seem out-of-character, although I must admit that I don't have as good of a grasp on her personality as I do the others. Maybe it's the college mindset of having to get things done or her being a spacehead or her friendship with Stephanie, but I still think none of them would be enough for her to act like that. Everything I've seen so far suggests that doing the essay would probably be considered inconsequential in the face of her own mortality.

I'm wondering what a Kinder Egg is. To the normal part of my mind, it sounds like chocolate or candy, but the cynical jerk in me says that it's probably a lot worse than that.

I have to say that Liza is impressing me as a villainess (definitely more than the villains were in the beginning of The Thinking Man's Guide to Destroying the World). That is some serious forethought that she showed. She's almost as astute as Ashley is, in my opinion. I don't know why she isn't an admin - or is she just pretending to be a grunt?

Ashley is already starting to annoy me with his know-it-all superiority complex, and yet I can't bring myself to hate him. He reminds me a lot of Agent Washington in Red vs. Blue (don't know if you've ever watched it, though). Like Washington, most people would probably have a very hard time trusting Ashley because of his arrogance, if they even wanted to. Like Washington, Ashley is mostly surrounded by people more incompetent than he is, and he has to bear the consequences of it all. Even their jobs sound very familiar; Washington is a Recovery Agent, whose job it is to investigate crimes - the murders of fellow agents and thefts of their AI. All of that makes me wonder what Ashley's motives are.

I wonder if the main characters (Pearl and Ashley) have any Pokemon of their own. I don't consider Iago to be Ashley's Pokemon, as he seems like more of a business partner than anything. Besides, he's probably not going to be of any use in a fight; the Kadabra line have notoriously weak physical strength, and it's stated as such in their Pokedex entries.

The plot seems to be fine. I just wanted to point out the characters and how I noticed them.


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