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    Introduction/What I'm using this thread for
    Greetings all, I'm Scaryghoul and I'm trying to do something that I can't find a whole lot of information on. I'm overall unsure whether this belongs in Game Development or R&D but I feel as though this is the correct place to be. The way I justify it in my head is I'm doing my own R&D unrelated to a game yet, and it technically fits the three forum rules. I'll probably use this thread as a place to consolidate my findings/information if you guys don't mind.

    What I'm trying to do
    I'm trying to not exactly extract the resources but more so use load them into my own project(It will be open source, because I hate the level of closed source around here).

    Ways not to help me - Apologies if this title comes off slightly snide.
    Please don't refer me to closed source tools that will extract the resources because that's not what I'm looking to do exactly. Open sourced tools would still benefit me since I could peek at their code.

    What I'm looking to do
    The roms I want to work with: Pokemon HG or Pokemon BW
    As for what I want to extract/load from them immediately:
    • Tilesets
    • Music
    • Player/pokemon sprites and animations
    • Move animations
    • Pokemon sounds

    Places I've already looked/researched
    So far I've only read up on the DS Rom and GBA Rom specifications here(I can't post links so remove spaces, also I apologise for circumventing your forum rules.): ht tp: // nocash . emubase . de/ gbatek. htm

    I'm not exactly looking to be spoon-fed but more so a community place to get feedback and to consolidate my information.
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