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1.)I have Yape. It doesn't work on this computer. I don't know why, this computer is from 1999, so maybe that's why. But Yape, along with a few other programs like advance mart and that day and night program, don't work at all. Fortunately, i know how to edit the marts without advance mart, but for now, the tiles remain. Maybe I can get a hold of another computer soon and use YAPE.

2.) I think I might look into that. I'm no expert at ROM hacking by any means, as I'm sure you can see by now, but if I had to pick a strong suit, it would be scripting.

3.) Wally has no game.

4.) I tried to look at those earlier and I think the site went down. I'll try again now and see what I can do.


I'm going to try to add some new pictures tonight because there's a lot of new stuff :) I don't think I've mentioned it yet.. but you're going to be able to go to a few parts of the Orre region (so you can reach Team Snagems hide out) Consequently, there is an underground passage called "Lunorre" (In between the Lunah and Orre region) A major event goes down in Lunorre, hopefully I can add some pics of it tonight.

Finally, if I can figure out ASM, or create some sort of illusion of "playing as a different character", then I might try to tie the end of this game into the beginning of Pokemon Colosseum. So in this game, Wes and Rui will never meet, and you will get to see Rui get shoved in a sack ^_^ yay!

As for the name, I have an idea. What do you think?

Pokemon Ruby Version: Ready Orre not, here comes Team Rocket Edition

I know some people think I should stay away from calling it ruby, but most of the characters are from pokemon ruby, and I want it to have a Ruby/Sapphire feel.
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