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Posted November 16th, 2019
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Hey girls and guys,
iam currently working on a glitchfree Gen1 mod for Firered using mostly PGE and G3T. However i started editing move effects and animations to be more realistic - at least to me. For example i tried changing the original Gen 1 Move Blizzard from a Powerful 1 Turn attack to a weatherstyle effect like Hail. So far so good. Now i tried to do the same thing with Earthquake but i cant edit the animation of the weathereffect itself. Instead of the Sandstorm showing every turn, id like the game to play the earthquake animation instead. Same thing with Posion/Burn: id like to swap the animations of the two, because to me poisoning fits the ATK nerf better than a burn.

Pls dont hate me if this was asked/done already. Using the Searchfunction didnt help me much.

Best regards and thnx in advance