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Chapter 2: A Child of the Grass

Liam stood at the mouth of the Peridotian Wood with his Eevee by his feet.
“Well, it’s time to take the first step,” Liam stated, “Let’s go.”
“Ee! Vee!”
“Well, I want you to become a Slyveon,” said Liam, “so I figure that you’d need a name to reflect that.”
The Eevee’s eyes brightened and she hopped up and down; her cream-colored mane bounced accordingly.
“How does ‘Pixie’ sound to you?” The Eevee was absolutely ecstatic and she jumped about on her hind legs. “Ee-vee! Ee-vee!” she chanted.
“It isn’t difficult to figure out that you think that it’s a wonderful name!” Liam said, smiling. All of a sudden, a loud rustle emerged from some tall, nearby grass! A blue and black blur blew by Pixie, knocking her backwards. The blur stopped on a stump nearby, revealing the speedy Pokémon to be... a Riolu! Liam was very excited; his first wild Pokémon encounter was the one that he had looked forward to the most, but he hadn’t imagined it to be against a Riolu!
Liam grinned, “Pixie! Hit that Riolu with a good solid Tackle!”
“Vee!” Pixie nodded in agreement.
“But not too hard!” Liam quickly added, “Don’t let it faint!”
Pixie reared up and charged at the Emanation Pokémon, and lunged square into its chest, knocking it down onto its rear; the blue and black Pokémon quickly hopped back up onto its feet. “Ri-o!” it grunted.
“Blind it with a Sand Attack!”
Pixie dug her paws into the dry, grainy forest dirt and flung it into the Riolu’s face, who quickly tried to clear its vision.
In a flash, Liam pulled out his birthday Luxury Ball and threw it out at the opposing wild creature. The Riolu was covered in a red glow, and was absorbed into the specialized Poké Ball, which fell to the ground and began to wobble about. The Ball shook once; twice; three times; and clicked. Liam could hardly contain himself; he had caught his first Pokémon: a Riolu! He quickly scrambled over to the Ball and let out his newest team member.
The Riolu looked around confused. Liam approached him slowly and got down on one knee, “Hey there, buddy...” The Riolu turned and faced Liam, then cocked his head to the side, “Ri?”
“I’m Liam. Your new trainer.” As the words left his mouth, he realized how awkward this sounded.
“Ri... o...?”
Liam asked worriedly, “You can understand me, right?” The Riolu slowly nodded his head.
Liam gave a sigh of relief. “How does a new name sound to you?” The Riolu’s mouth slowly curled to a small grin and his tail wiggled back and forth.
“Alright,” said Liam, “how about...”
Liam hesitated. “How about... Aaron?”
Aaron grinned larger now, his smile absolutely glowing.
As Aaron was about to start chanting, out of the tall grass burst a pair of Lucario! Liam’s heart sank; he realized what he had just done. These were Aaron’s parents.
Liam differentiated the two by the absence of the spike on the mother's chest. “LUC!! LUCAR!!” The father barked out. The mother on the right looked greatly upset.
“Can you understand me?” Liam quickly asked. The father gave a nod and growled aggressively. The mother nodded as well and let out a tiny whimper.
“Ok, good.”
“LUCARIO!!!” the father barked louder; the mother urged him to settle down.
“Look, I’m sorry,” Liam apologized, “I didn’t know that this Riolu was your son.”
The father went on growling.
“But I promise to take good care of him; surely no better care than you could give him, but I’ll do my absolute best.”
The father ceased to growl, but continued scowling at Liam.
“I promise, we’ll return here to the Perdotian Wood as often as possible. He won’t miss his mom and dad; no child should have to miss their parents.”
Aaron ran to his mother and hugged her around the waist. “Rio!”
“Luca...” the mother stroked the top of her son’s head.
“Vee?” Pixie looked up at Liam.
“Shhh... let him have his goodbyes,” Liam whispered.
As Aaron stood there, his arms wrapped around his mother, tears trickled down his face; he hadn’t thought about the repercussions of leaving his parents until they showed up just a few minutes ago.
“Luc... Luca... Lucario...” the mother whispered softly.
The father begrudgingly nodded in approval and motioned that Aaron could go, his eyes also watering up a little.
Aaron let go of his mother and slowly went to Liam’s side.
“Thank you. I swear to you that I will keep your son safe and take excellent care of him.”
Aaron’s father grunted and led his mate back to the tall grass. After the Lucario had left, Liam knelt down to eye level with Aaron, who was silently sobbing.
Liam put a comforting hand on Aaron’s shoulder, “Don’t worry,” he said, “I really do promise to take good care of you. Your mom and dad will be so proud to see you as you grow.” Aaron wiped the tears from his eyes.
“Now, come on,” Liam stated, “Emeraldus Town is just a little further through the forest.” And they headed on their way.