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You mean nothing on wifi. Come over to #tradecorner and be proddy one of these days :P

Actually, just this morning, we had maybe like another 5 tournament ideas thrown out that could potentially be hosted at some point. We're all just waiting for the Color Tourney to get underway and wind down before someone starts planning the next one. Just on our liddle mibbit channel alone, we've got probably 10-11 battlers.

You're right though about the lack of wifi things going on. There's a good number of folks that won't battle on a simulator for various reasons and we're pretty adamant about battling over wifi. Few years back, BC was super vibrant with all sorts of wifi stuff, especially with folks from TC popping over to BC to battle and stuff. Up until (to my recollection) a few no-do-gooders (no longer here) from shoddy started joining the wifi stuff and then railing against the restrictions that were set in place long before they came along. As far as I'm concerned, that's part of what knocked BC into near-inactivity. Spammy, yes, but back then it was easy to find something that you'd be interested in. There's other things to but oh well. If only TC and BC could somehow mingle together again.

The other plus side to learning to play doubles over wifi is that you can play in Pokemon-sponsored events, whee! Forget waiting until doubles come on Showdown, learn it now!

I talk too much.

[Edit] Just looking through all the wifi stuff in the E&G subforum... I'm not too surprised at the lack of activity there. A lot of those threads aren't well made or planned. Or updated by the OP! I sound like an elitist. (No offense to Wolfy.)
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