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Originally Posted by Handsome Samurott View Post
I want to see a geographically larger region with longer routes between cities and towns; routes that have more and better things to do; a captivating storyline that ties together the main part of the game; a transposition of that storyline in the post-game quest; and a couple different paths to choose for your storyline rather than just setting out to become an elite champion who defeats the Gyms and the Elite Four. That is, allow the storyline to evolve and change depending on the choices you make in-game.
I agree with your first two points, but I severely doubt the last one would ever happen. Pokémon is just a linear game and I don't see that changing any time soon. The story that Game Freak and Nintendo have always wanted to tell and will continue to want to tell is the one of the hero stopping the evil team as they gather badges to gain entrance to the Pokémon League. Giving ways to branch off from that just doesn't really work.
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