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Name: Leon Nef (Born Leon Henchoz)
Age: 20
Height: 6' 1
Weight: 185 pounds, about 84 KG.
Location: Verona, Italy


Nationality: Dual Swiss, Italian.

Atlantean Tattoo: Leon's Atlantean Tattoo wasn't subtle at all. It appearance across his face, forming around his left eye and extending down to the side of his left face. The pattern continues again on his left shoulder a bit, basically the same. It is dark green, assuming the shape of stripes with pointy ends at the end. Here's a visual presentation. (note, that's not how he looks, only the tattoo is the same).

Physical: Because of his mixed race of Swiss, Italian, and partially German, Leon has an interesting appearance. He appears to have slightly darker skin from his Northern Italian roots, but eyes which as bright blue. He has black, short hair, which it seems is naturally always standing and going in every possible directions. However, on occasions, he gels it to spike up naturally and neatly.

Clothing: Leon usually liked to wear what he would call comfortable clothes. It is therefore hard to explain all of the different possible outfits he wears. But generally all of them have a few things in common. First of all, with any of the outfits would be a pair of jeans. They would generally be blue, but can also sometimes be black, or gray, or other shades similar, possibly like green. He is also found usually wearing a collared short sleeve shirt, However, sometimes, it might be long sleeved with sleeves rolled up to the elbows. He is almost always found wearing a necklace with a strange inscription on it, and sometimes a white undershirt under his collared shirt. In the current case, he is found wearing a black long sleeves collared shirt, a white undershirt underneath, and a pair of blue jeans. His shoes are normal, casual shoes, nothing remotely interesting or uninteresting about them.


Personality: Leon has been described by one word, as if all descriptions of him could come from that word, and as if once you hear the word, you'd be able to fully understand his entire personality, and that word is b*stard. Yes, as a young kid, Leon has began garnering a reputation of a b*stard. He loves to argue with people, and it would be one of the things he would be found doing most of the time. And he's actually pretty good at arguments, and often wins them, probably one of the many reasons he's called a b*stard. He loves to win as well, one of his many traits, but also, despises, and I do mean despises to lose. He is also a bit of a smartas$, really thinking a lot of himself. He has been note for his tendency to talk back quite a lot, which has gotten him in trouble more than a few times as a kid growing up with his parents, and then a few times with his run-ins with the law. He also loves to make fun of and tease people. Most of the time, it might be in good fun, other times, it might be tried to provoke people into action. He treats it like an argument, And when he provokes them into action, he wins that argument.

But through all his b*stardness (is that a word?), there is another person. This person acts much the same, but the words he uses have a different connotative meaning. This would be to people he trusts, or people he would consider friend. He would act very similarly, often teasing people and arguing with them, but he means it in a more friendly and pleasant way. Still, many people might not be able to tell this, and still call him b*stard. Rightly so.

Still, he is serious when he needs to be, and understands when and when not to act unfavorably.

Leon was born in Geneva, Swittzerland to Amelia Rossi and Claus Henchoz. His parents were both respected in the business world, and provided Leon with a caring yet sheltered life. He never had to do anything much for himself, as there were maids and butlers who did most of it for him. His parents were caring and loved Leon. But perhaps this was a trait with all sheltered individuals. Eventually, they wanted to be free. This began with Leon when he was younger, mostly in the forms of civil disobedience, simple acts of disobeying, or even acting out. He was called spoiled brat, and began to argue with his parents. It was at this young age he found himself having quite an act for arguing, doing it quite a bit. His parents didn't like it one bit, and neither did others who hung around him, like friends and such. Thus the names began, and every name he was called, he felt was a win in the argument, or a step forward for him. Obviously, he would often get in trouble, on countless occasions his parents punished him by grounding him or worse. Nothing seemed to work though, as he would countlessly have another go at it, over, and over, and over again. The punishment stank, and Leon knew it, but to stop doing such would mean he'd have to change who he was, and he had no intention of doing that.

Eventually, as a teenager, he had enough of this sheltered life. He was fed up with the pampering, and fed up with the service. He wanted to live by him, and so he left home, and set off. Changing his last name, he made his way out of the country, and began exploring. Traveling out of Switzerland, he made his way across Europe. It was then he began to realize much about the 'outside' world, so to speak. But he also had another realization. He didn't bring enough money to sustain him for very long. He soon found himself on the edge of an knife, living in almost desperation. He had more than once thought of going back now, but he decided against it. He made a promise never to return, and he intends to keep it. He had a few run-ins with the law for stealing on a few occasions, where he displayed his arguing and talk-back once again, often getting the disapproval and sometimes injuries from authorities. It didn't matter. In his book, he won. But he wondered if he could keep this up. He was able to sustain himself with his stealing, but he didn't think know how long this would last. Then, something miraculous happened. A strange tattoo appeared on his face, and his world changed. The Atlanteans announcing themselves to the world, and him gaining his abilities made this much more interesting, and particularly it made him more much effective in stealing. Needless to say, he never lost again. Not to the police, not to anyone. With these abilities, he would always win.

Leon has the power of electric manipulation. He is able to alter the movement of electrons, allowing them almost any electricity based power. The power of his electricity would often depend on the electric based power he uses. A light bulb would generate about the least amount of electric discharge, while a thunderstorm, for example, is where his power is most potent. Simple powers would include the ability to generate electricity, shoot lightning, or overload a circuit. He cannot control the electric technology, only gather energy from it from an attack. His abilities is also more potent in water, and can often be devastating.

It is also difficult for him to use electricity if there is no base of electricity around for him to use. Still, sources are often no hard to find, as many people nowadays have things as simple as a cell phone and ipod which Leon can use as an electric energy source. There are also repercussions for using high based electrical sources, like a thunderstorm for example. Leon's ability taps into his nervous system, particularly that in his arms, and flows outwards as an attack. The use of higher based electrical attacks can often discombobulate his nervous system and leave his hands burning and lifeless for short, or sometimes long periods of time.

Writing Sample:Taken from my latest post in Three Energies
Anthony Hazen. That was the name of one of the four Energy wielders that arrived in Lindos. Anthony was a brute, as was quoted many times by his opponents. He was rash, impatient, and always looking to get in on the action. Andrey, his twin brother and one of the other four Energy wielders, was his exact opposite. In almost every way, in fact. They were always going at each other because of that. Yet right now, Anthony was in a good mood. He had recently signed up with the Primal Kingdom along with his brother because of pressure by the government in order to drop certain charges placed on them for their problematic behavior, most notably stealing energy from the Energy reserves in blank. He had yet to be in any real action yet, until they were assigned to take out guards of the now-dead ambassador to the First Republic, hiding now behind an energy barrier around a warehouse. He was hoping on the peace negotiations breaking down, and action happening, and boy, were his prayers answered.

"Come on out." He heard the female next to him say. She was one of the other two guards sent with them, Ahadi Kane was her name. She used a book to conduct her energy attacks. It was strange to Anthony, and he didn't think much of it. But nonetheless, he thought that she might have been getting a dent into the barrier. Irritated and bored, Anthony decided to get involved as well. He took out his axe, which at this time was about the size of a hatchet, and fused in his Red Will Energy into it. The axe increased in size a bit, the Red Will Energy glowing around it. The size was now that of a normal axe, one handed still, but plenty of room for improvement as his anger would rise, which might soon happen if the barrier would keep staying up. Joining the girl, Anthony smashed at the energy barrier around the warehouse loudly screaming as he did. The impact of his axe seemed to momentarily fuse with the energy of the barrier, and then push off. The axe was doing damage. He struck at it more, sending hit after hit at the energy barrier. It was clearly getting weakened now. It wouldn't be long now until they broke in. Anthony screamed back at his brother, his twin.

"Come on, Andrey! Don't just stand there like an as*! Come help with this barrier!" He screamed at his brother. He might have sounded angry, but that was just how he normally spoke to his brother.

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