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Just below him were seven creatures, a tall rabbit (Willis unconsciously flinched at the memory), a dog, a large boar, an oversized rooster, a dragon with large arms, a small monkey, and a rat on spider legs.
Fuyu forgot to remove the twisted snake part and add in the above, which is highlighted. She also forgot to add in as an author's note that Chapter 11 is the beginning of the "trapped in the Digital World" saga, officially known as "A World We Walk".

Onto Chapter 12...

A/N: There is a couple of past references to IzzyxMimi (otherwise known as Koumi), but since Chapter 4 it has been more JonathanxMimi (which I will call Jonmi). There will also be Taiora (TaixSora) and Takari (T.K.xKari) hints dropped in this chapter. Like a few other authors, I must emphasize that there will not be any Sorato (SoraxMatt) hints; in my personal opinion, TaixSora is a much better relationship.

Okay, I’ve gone on long enough about the shippings I like. Onwards to Chapter 12...

Chapter 12: Emotional Odds and Ends

Izzy was almost statue-like as he stared at the fallen angel and the seven Ultimate level corrupted celestial Digimon, depicted in Chinese lore as animals of the Zodiac. Neither Izzy nor his friends had known the full extent of what they were up against until now. Seven Devas and Lucemon himself. This is but a portion of the Demon Lords’ army. Who knows what we’ll be up against next time? The red-haired computer expert caught himself after that thought and brought out his laptop. Typing in some information furiously, the usual trademark comment of “Prodigious!” was heard.

“Hey, gather round everyone!” Izzy called, waiting for the other Digi-Destined to try and get a peek at his computer screen.

“What is it this time, Izzy?” Tai asked.

“Based on the data I’ve created, it seems Majiramon is the leader of the corrupted Devas-”

“You’re forgetting Lucemon!” Blair snapped.

“Blair, I’m quite sure Izzy was getting to Lucemon. Even I can tell Lucemon is kind of like a general. Jeez,” Jonathan muttered.

The Devas were getting restless and Chatsuramon was slightly foaming at the mouth in anticipation of his orders from Lucemon. Izzy noticed this and hastily continued.

“Yes, as Jonathan was saying, Lucemon is a general. But Agumon and the rest of our Digimon are only at half strength; they can’t Digivolve to the Ultimate level.”

“Go, Chatsuramon!” Lucemon ordered.

“But ours can!” Davis declared. Yolei, Cody, T.K. and Kari followed his example as they, too, held out their D3’s. “I’ll explain later,” he added, seeing the stunned expressions on Tai and Izzy’s faces.

“Veemon Digivolve to... ExVeemon!”

“Hawkmon Digivolve to... Aquilamon!”

“Armadillomon Digivolve to... Ankylomon!”

“Patamon Digivolve to... Angemon!”

“Gatomon Digivolve to... Angewomon!”

“ExVeemon Digivolve to... Wingdramon!”

“Aquilamon Digivolve to... Garudamon!”

“Ankylomon Digivolve to... Anomalocarimon!”

“Angemon Digivolve to... MagnaAngemon!”

Andiramon was fleet of foot and had a faster reaction time than Chatsuramon. The rabbit Deva was like lightning as he appeared in front of them and deliberately selected Mimi from their midst.

“Andiramon, I did not order you to move! Regardless of that, a life will be forfeited. It’s that simple,” Lucemon said silkily. His eyes were full of laughter.

Tai, Jonathan and Izzy yelled at the same time: “Mimi, NO!”

Izzy’s mind refreshed a memory he thought he had long since buried. A night that just wouldn’t leave him alone. A night that seemed like it changed everything. He suddenly had a flashback to that night in the Digital World…

Izzy sighed and sat back. He was sitting with Tentomon in a different part of the woods than everyone else. He was thinking about something and Tentomon was a little worried. He hadn’t even taken out his computer that night yet.

“Izzy, are you okay? You seem distracted,” Tentomon asked worriedly.

Izzy looked over at his Digimon partner. “Well…” He paused, but then he thought about it and he knew he could tell Tentomon anything. “Do you remember when Devimon spilt up File Island and we found Mimi before anyone else?”

“Yes, I remember that. We were in those old ruins,” remembered Tentomon.

“Yes. That’s what I’m talking about. Do you remember how I made Mimi start crying?” He asked.

Tentomon nodded. “Because you were ignoring her, then she ran off and we got stuck in the maze. What about that day, Izzy?” He asked.

Izzy frowned. “Ever since that day, I’ve felt a bit strange.”

“Maybe you ate some bad mushrooms,” Tentomon suggested and Izzy laughed.

“That’s not what I meant. I meant that I feel strange… whenever I’m around Mimi,” he confessed. “I think I have a crush on her,” he told Tentomon.

Izzy stood up and looked at Tentomon who hadn’t said anything after his confession. “We should get back to the group. They might be eating soon and I’m starving,” he told Tentomon who nodded his head and smiled.

Izzy walked through the trees towards the others and he stepped on something. All of the sudden, Izzy heard a yelp. He froze. He knew whose voice that was. He knew how close it was. He turned around and saw that the bush was moving.

Then he saw Mimi stand up slowly and give him a nervous smile. She had heard everything. Or at least the end. That was all she needed to hear. He looked at her with wide eyes and his mouth hanging open. He didn’t say anything. He couldn’t. He was stuck standing there like an idiot.

Suddenly, Mimi started moving backwards. She pulled away, feeling panicky and ran back to the group, leaving him standing there all alone. Tentomon had a huge look of confusion on his face as Palmon ran after Mimi, with Mimi going to more than likely ask Sora for help while getting her own feelings off her chest that she didn’t understand either.

But that one night was never talked about again. Izzy’s crush on Mimi only strengthened and Mimi just avoided him. Never talking about it with anyone for all he knew. He hadn’t told anyone. He was dumbfounded, infatuated and he had no idea what he was doing…

The hurt Jonathan had felt at Lucemon’s words quickly changed to cold dread. “You can't,” he whispered and closed his eyes in horror as the Ultimate level Digimon tightened his grip on Mimi. In that moment, all of the faces of his friends and family flashed before his eyes. This wasn’t supposed to happen. How does someone go from having a normal day with their partner to fighting for their life? Why Mimi? Why were we sent here only to have Mimi end up dying? It’s just not fair...

He barely even noticed when several tears slid down his cheeks.

“Mimi!” Wormmon gasped, and she saw the small Rookie straightening his posture.

Andiramon saw it, too, and Mimi let out a gasp of pain as the Deva jerked her head up so that she was forced to stare directly into his cold red eyes. The grip of the Digimon’s paws constricted even more making her want to scream. She could not have escaped even if she had wanted to.

“Don’t worry. You won’t feel a thing!” Lucemon sneered. “I’m sure you’ll find death to be quite an adventure. See you on the other side! Andiramon, do-”

“No, don’t!” Mimi screamed in terror and realized that someone had echoed those exact same words.

She only had a split second to glimpse the look of utter fear in Jonathan’s eyes, something that he had never shown for her sake in the remarkably short time he had known her, before he disappeared in a blaze of greenish-black light. MetalSeadramon burst out of the ocean nearby, yelling: “River of Power!” A bluish-white energy beam, similar in strength to a raging river, was released from his Digi-Chrome coated snout. It was aimed at Andiramon.

“What’s he doing here?!” Tai yelled, pointing at MetalSeadramon.

In the chaos that followed, Andiramon’s grip on Mimi loosened and she fell to the ground with a slight gasp as she grazed her knee on a rock.

“Wormmon Digivolve to... Stingmon!”

“Don’t worry, Jonathan!” Stingmon shouted, his body also surrounded by a greenish-black light. “I’ll never let anyone hurt our friends!”

“Jonathan, here!” MetalSeadramon floated over to the boy and lowered his head. Opening his mouth, the words that followed sounded garbled slightly. Realizing this, Jonathan took the object off the Mega’s tongue and MetalSeadramon faced him directly. “Gennai entrusted me with this, it’s a device that will let your partner reach the next level. He said just to slip it into the empty space in your D-Core. And Tai Kamiya, I’m not the evil Digimon you knew from before. I’ve been reconfigured and am an ally of the Digi-Destined now.”

“Thanks, MetalSeadramon,” Jonathan said. And thank you, Gennai.

“Uh, I should believe you... why?” Tai asked.

“Gennai trusts me,” the Mega level Digimon answered.

Mimi’s life was still on the line and it had awakened his need to help her. Stingmon was powered by Jonathan’s emotions and had more power and speed; not equal to an Ultimate, but still of use.

With five Ultimates and a Mega, maybe they stood a chance against their seven opponents who were led by Lucemon. But they would never get the chance to find out; Lucemon ordered a retreat and the eight Digimon swiftly disappeared. Blair was furious that Jonathan had obtained his Crest-like object first. She ranted about wanting to find hers, and MetalSeadramon simply laughed. Then Blair swore at him, wanting to know what was so funny. He replied that he couldn’t help her find her device, as he didn’t know where it was. “What good are you?” she growled, muttering obscenities afterwards.

Tai, Jonathan and Izzy were still huddled around Mimi, who was now sitting on the ground, crying. While Jonathan was still wary of Mimi, he was doing the right thing in being gallant and being around in her time of stress. Tai and Izzy couldn’t get a word out of the cerise-haired girl, so they asked Jonathan to try. “Mimi? Mimi, are you okay?” he inquired.

“Andiramon targeted me! Why me?” she wailed, seemingly reverting to her spoilt persona of when she had first journeyed to the Digital World.

“I’m not sure,” Jonathan answered. “But it’s okay now, they’re gone.” However, Jonathan was more than sure they would be back with yet another new diabolical plan. Evil Digimon did always think like that, so in one way they were predictable.

Mimi suddenly jerked her face upwards, looking into Jonathan’s ice blue eyes. Tai looked at Izzy in alarm, with a she’s-gonna-do-it expression on his face. Izzy sighed and shrugged; an I-don’t-mind-she’d-have-to be over-me-now-anyway look of sadness crossing his features. Jonathan heard the sigh and was just in time to see Izzy’s defeated expression, before he was brought back to the present by Mimi kissing him again. This time, he tolerated it, but his mind was working over-time. Was there something between Izzy and Mimi at one point? Izzy obviously still cares for Mimi, that was proven from his expression, so why does Mimi prefer me over Izzy?

Sora called out to Tai and he raced over to her. He quickly learned that, during the confusion MetalSeadramon had unintentionally caused, Kari had fallen over a log in her haste to get away from Andiramon and the other Devas. The younger Kamiya sibling now lay on the ground in agony, with T.K. doing his best to soothe her cries. Tai grimaced when he saw the cause of his little sister’s pain — a pointed branch was embedded in her leg. Jonathan and Mimi walked over, with Izzy separating himself and hanging on the outskirts of the group.

Blair, Matt and Anna followed Jonathan’s lead, with Blair instantly swearing when she saw Kari. “****!” she cursed. “There’s no way for us to get Kari help, is there?”

“That’s right, Blair. All of the Digital Gates are shut, there’s no way we can get out of the Digital World,” Jonathan answered.

T.K. balled his fists and exhaled sharply. “Then I’ll take care of her.” Before Matt could protest, T.K. shifted his position slightly and picked Kari up, huffing a bit as he stood up. The older Ishida boy’s face showed concern for his younger brother; everyone else could read Matt’s expression and felt sorry not just for T.K., but Izzy as well. The other Digi-Destined were able to tell Mimi had seemingly knowingly caused a rift that would tear Izzy apart.

“Matt, it is alright. Your brother will be fine,” Anna spoke in her stilted Japanese as she stroked the side of the golden-blonde’s face.

Matt stiffened; at first, he wanted to move away from Anna’s soft hands, but then he stayed. “I’m going to learn Russian,” he whispered back to her.
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