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    ~Welcome to my trading tread~

    *I clone ALL of my pokemon so if you dont like it.....Sorry dont trade with me

    1.ABSOLUTELY no hacks
    2.Please post in this thread, I dont mind PMs/VMs but try to keep it here
    3.No spamming
    4.Be Patient
    5.Be Specific
    6.Post Stats when offering a competitive Pokemon
    7.No eggs as filler pokemon, I will not except the trade at all
    8.Dont post "What do you want for....." I have a want list for a reason, if you dont have anything i want just offer something
    9.Have Fun:P
    10.Unless its the Pokemon being traded I will not clone for you

    Failing to follow these rules can result in a ban from this thread

    *Disclaimer*-Picture does not actually represent form or gender

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    Hi and welcome to my thread. Everything that gets traded from or to me WILL BE CLONED. I do use a Power Save to clone, but I do not edit any pokemon that are up for trade at all and I WILL NOT EDIT POKEMON for you. If the pokemon isnt to your satisfaction I have no problem trading back, just as long as its directly after the original trade(Due to cloning). Also if the pokemon that is traded is not what is on the thread please let me know if I traded you the wrong pokemon or if the stats are not what is said on this thread. After we can negotiate on either canceling the trade or renegotiating on another trade. Hope you enjoy your stay

    }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{

    White List

    ~RNC~:~RNC~'s BPL ***4th, 5th & 6th Events, Legends, Shinys, UpDated, Come On In!!***
    I've been on this site for years now and I still dont think I've seen all of her shop, definitely a shop you should take your time with since there is so much in there and so much for everyone there. Whether your a veteran collector or just starting out her shop is worth mentioning to anyone trading.

    gameguy11:GG's official trade shop! - Shiny, legendary and competitive pokes -
    An amazing shop, his pokemon always come with more then what your asking for. If your looking for basic pokemon this is not the place for you, his pokemon always come with the best moves, effort values, and individual values. Constantly updating his thread with the best so check out his shop again and again.

    Quick Links(Single post, separate tab)
    Part I: Competitive
    Part II: Events
    Part III: Shiny Dex

    My Wants:
    Looking to replace all of my current pokemon with Kalos Born pokemon

    Pokémon Adventure Camp Fossil Pokémon Omanyte-キャンプ(Camp)-07192-UT-Lv15
    Pokémon Adventure Camp Fossil Pokémon Shieldon-キャンプ(Camp)-07192-UT-Lv15
    Pokémon Adventure Camp Fossil Pokémon Tirtouga-キャンプ(Camp)-07192-UT-Lv15
    Pokémon Adventure Camp Fossil Pokémon Archen-キャンプ(Camp)-07192-UT-Lv15
    2012 World Championships Pikachu-WORLD12-081220-UT-Lv50-Timid
    Strongest Class Single Battle Pokémon Scizor-PC-09152-UT-Lv100
    Strongest Class Single Battle Pokémon Tyranitar-PC-09152-UT-Lv100
    Strongest Class Single Battle Pokémon Metagross-PC-09152-UT-Lv100
    Pokémon Center 15th Anniversary Pokémon Samurott-PCF-06263-UT-Lv100
    Pokémon Center 15th Anniversary Pokémon Torterra-PCY-06053-UT-Lv100
    Pokémon Center 15th Anniversary Pokémon Pikachu-PCT-05293-UT-Lv100
    Pokémon Center 15th Anniversary Pokémon Serperior-PCTH-05223-UT-Lv100
    Pokémon Center 15th Anniversary Pokémon Empoleon-PCS -05153-UT-Lv100
    2013 World Championships Smeargle-WORLD13-08113-UT-Lv50-Jolly
    Pokémon Center Best Wishes Pokémon Ash's Pikachu-サトシ-08103-UT-Lv50-Brave
    Pokémon Center Best Wishes Pokémon Cilan's Pansage-デント-08103-UT-Lv50-
    Pokémon Game Show Pokémon Blue's Pidgeot-グリーン-02276-UT-Lv61-Naughty
    Pokémon Game Show Pokémon Lance's Dragonite-ワタル-11219-UT-Lv50-Brave
    Pokémon Game Show Pokémon Wallace's Milotic-ミクリ-09164-UT-Lv58-Lax
    Pokémon Game Show Pokémon Steven's Metagross-ダイゴ-11212-UT-Lv58-Serious
    Pokémon Game Show Pokémon Cynthia's Spiritomb-シロナ09286-UT-Lv61-Quiet
    Pokémon Game Show Pokémon Iris's Haxorus-アイリス06232-UT-Lv59-Naive
    Pokémon Game Show Pokémon Alder's Volcarona-アデク-09180-UT-Lv77-Calm
    Pokemon Smash Zoroark-ポケスマ!-01161-UT-Lv50-Quirky
    Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay Inkay-PCTB-11223-UT-Lv10
    Pokémon Center Battle Championship Tyranitar-ポケセン-06094/07074-UT-Lv50
    Pokémon Center Battle Championship Scizor-ポケセン-05194/06234-UT-Lv50
    Pokémon Center Battle Championship Gyarados-ポケセン-05104/06234-UT-Lv50
    Pacifico Pikachu(パシフィコ)-みなとみらい-08094-UT-Lv10

    LV1 6IV Shiny Starters
    6IV Shiny Eevees or eeveelutions
    6IV Shiny Pokemon

    <Ded's Thread>
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