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    "Yeah Professor Willow, does she have to travel with us?" the short for his age teenager inquired hopefully. Of course he could think of a million and one evil come backs to insult Kat and knock her off her high horse. But not wanting to start a war he suppresed the thoughts. After Professor Willow gave a little chuckle to Wayne and Kats rocky start; she burdened him to attempt the impossible He had to hold his heavy new companion whilst inserting the two spare Pokeballs on his new belt which was not an easy task. After it had been accomplished, Professor Willow bestowed Wayne with his his brand new, Pure white Pokevice. It caught the sun and reflected the light with such high intensity it forced Wayne to squint.

    “Come on, it’ll be fun,” the brunette began with a smile, holding the girl in her arm. “We’re all family now, so travelling will be great fun together, right Ari? And you two…” she continued, pointing to the two male trainers on her other side, one holding a Pineco. “This’ll be fun! Right?”

    "Sure, Of course!" Wayne smiled; he admired the plump serpentine Dratini -that had just returned to its Pokeball- with awe, it's been a symbolic icon and legend of his hometown for centuries. The young teenager stopped and looked around at everyone.

    "We only need a couple of Badges each so who will challenge the first Gym leader?" he asked.